Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Black Canvas

Tear the page away from me,
Tear it right on off, set me free,
Like Aslan to Eustice,
Show me how true bliss
Becomes a man
How he dons it's hue,
To paint man,
To paint him true.

Act away while night rolls on,
Give me hope, this lowly pawn.
I take from you, you take from me,
We roll right through the rolling sea.

But you changed me,
You opened my eyes.
You acted,
And you cut all your ties.
And I watched you,
Couldn't look away,
I sat there,
But now I pray.

Give me hope to stay afloat,
Give me time to get my coat,
You're on your way, you walk again,
I want to go, but I can't pretend.
And though I know I'm the not the same,
I'll act the part and put on a frame.

Live my life,
Day after day,
Night after night
Down by the bay.
We danced after
The show we'd done,
The sound of our laughter
Was a sign that we'd won.

Yet time still passed us right one by
It took from us as though with a sigh,
Our hopes, our dreams, our youthful face,
And now you're gone from me without a trace.

Where did it all go wrong?
Were you playing right along?
I know I acted just for you,
Was it all just an act for you?
How could I be so blind
As to say we'd never fall.
Was I just being way to kind,
While you never bothered to call?

What's an act but a middle way
That lets you see through a different lens,
A prayerful hope you can be
Somebody else, that we can be friends!

So tear away my heart and soul,
Cause I've lost it all, all control.
So tear it right off, and set me free!
Let me be the one you always wanted to see!
Build me up, color me with law,
Rip me head from limb;
Cause without the pain of the deadly paw,
There's no way to escape from sin!

Keep me straight, and narrowly guide me.
Walk me through, this towering slide.
Be for me a my guide and confessor,
Be my love, but don't be my lesser!

Cause life tears you down when you expect what
Doesn't mean a thing, causes you to strut.
Life tears you down when you don't hold back,
When you act out of hatred; so pick up the slack!
Life tears you down when you act unreal,
Life's not a schedule, a film's not a reel.
Teach yourself to look inside,
Open yourself and remove your pride!

Paint it black, you've got nothing.
Paint it white, other colors will spring...

                    The Black Canvas, (c) Luke Bennette, May 2012

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