Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Chemical Compound

A light like you? Come on! You don't want to Hide away from the sunlit valleys! True Love is one that holds on, even in dark Places, where you can't find a single spark To light your dampened torch. And why is it That your torch is dampened when you can sit In the light of one million plus days? Bask in the river of moonlit rays, and Jump into a pool of stars that reflect From the surface of a pool? Why protect yourself from what is good? If The Greatest sight in the world were just myth, Then, only then, could I see you sitting Inside a cave with a dampened old torch; As opposed to sitting on your own porch Watching the last of the sunlit sky grow Dim with mists of pink and rose, orange and tang. Such beauty have I seen and heard, it sang A great duet with the billowing clouds That poured in over our heads; and we proud Fools forgot to an umbrella hat To cover our heads, had to run like rats In order to escape the lightening That struck the ground in a great fiery string Of white light on the brown grass, that scorched earth. Incidentally now we give that place berth, A wide berth. Not because it wasn't grand To see a fire in the sky mix with rain, To see a fire that filled our own wet hands With a liquid of pearl hue, violet pain. No, we left because in the end we did Not need to see again that mixture of Climates, of lights, of the sun and the wind That mixed beauty with fright: into a love. We carried it's memory with us, since It's power seemed to mix with human form And did not cause us to smart about. Whence do you go as I finish? The storm Was only in the mind's eye, nothing more! Perhaps you like not the beauty, the score, The grand opera of imagination? What else would you need, what else my friend, more Beautiful, do you need? Where is your fun? The light is here, waiting for you to take A drop of sunshine mixed with rain, do wake!

But you reply that wakes are for the dead Who have gone, no longer on the earth tread In the forms of those we loved to see; As the tide that heaves off, returns to sea, So too are those in memory. They lost Their lives within that mixture of rain! Strewn All over the ground was a mixture of Gravel and mud, that flowed with a graced boon Of a down hill slope! And they who we love Lie at the bottom, underneath the gift Of a show of lights, it's mixture of pain; You'd have said they are alive, only sift About in the wreckage before the wane Of the moon is completely lost from sight! Yet they live on now only to torment Those that have yet to endure the great blight That is death: who have yet to make their tent In another world where love, a bygone, Is merely a dream within another Dream that never found a light to give dawn, A damp torch that never lit, a mother Without the hope of a child to call her Own little girl, a mixture that's unsure. And even those that remain on the shores, That do not depart now forever more, They do twist and turn at the absence made Wholly visible by marching death, maid Of God sent out to reap what is due; so Now the dead are gone, and the living too. Why do you hold your head up high as you Stare at me? Am I a fire that fell through The heavens and mixed with rain to heal old Scorched earth? I have not the power to break Free of the grasp that pulls me in, that holds Me in a vice; for I can't even take My own life out of misery and spite! To think that tears may form in your eyes for A nobody you found in a cave! bore Misery as a child that would not wake! Wake! You desire me to wake? Why don't You wake up you foolish, childish, dreamer! But even if you keep at it I wont Be brought about by a petty schemer That seeks to poison reality's kiss With dreams of sun moon stars mixed with rain bliss!

                     Chemical Compound, (c) Luke Bennette, May 2012

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