Monday, May 7, 2012


Slabs of stone fall through the air
Hitting people unaware,
Causing a ruckus too great to hear,
Could not hear the enemies near,
Could not see them draw up close
To our faces as we sat in a dose,
A dose of movies we were watching,
While our minds and hearts they were botching.
Yet I can still see, and I appreciate
Everything they did. I even ate.
I appreciate it, because they didn't succeed.
And I, for the better, rise up without need
Of anything. Save for a jolly good drink.
I think that I'll go ahead and open a chink
In the back, a window if you please.
I need a healthy sort of breeze.

Explosions begin to thrill my spine,
And I get out of the heavy laid line.
I watch the fight, and the hero's battle.
Perhaps I might consider it a tattle
To lay down here everything
That the movie went over. I could sing
Out a praise of thanksgiving over this film!
I'd even go ahead and dub it Sir film!

But what would it do for me, I do ask
What would this film do? Allow me to bask
In the glorious rays of my praising voice?
Is there another option? Another choice?
It seems now that they snuck up further
Into my mind than I thought, Murther!
Murther have they committed to thought,
And my head and mind they have bought!
Through cheap illustrations I've forgotten
The greatest passion that was ever gotten!

I don't begrudge the fun, and the excitement,
In fact I needed it, a bit of merriment 
Goes a long way to keep a fellow sane
In a harsh world where there's lots of pain.
But for a while now I wont be able to hear
The sound of his foot falls, cannot cheer
In the songs of old that kept my heart upbeat.
I barely taste the air, what I can is bitter sweet.

Then fill my head and heart with a song!
I ask you, I beg you, please sing along!
Don't leave me here all alone to cheer his name,
Don't leave me to die to self, be my own bane.
Can it be that I've left the silver screen
And found the one who did redeem?
But now that I've found him, what's to be done?
I'm all alone, but for him. Where's everyone?
Back in the theater, forgetting their dues,
Forgetting themselves, forgetting their blues!

I look up to the King, and say, well, just this.
You know good sir, they just want some bliss.
Perhaps, yes, perhaps, we should tell them the truth,
That they should probably stop the most uncouth
Practices and trades of the century made;
Stop violating young gents and fair maids.
Stop embezzling money, and causing a scandal,
Stop killing themselves in their own parents hall!
But If we tell them all of these things,
Then let me tell you, the following brings
Out all the best, and all the worst as well.
They need things to remind them not of hell,
But to keep them lively and dandy,
Keep them on a beach that is sandy!

All I'm saying is, well, it's clear really, see?
We've got truth, that's true enough, for sure,
But if we've got the truth can we truly be
Happy and carefree as we inside we were?
Can a theater's magic be found in a church
Where there are pews of wood and stone?
Can the magic be with us when we're all alone?
Can it stop us from the pull, evil's lurch?
Can it remind us of home
As a fair garden gnome?

So send me back to the movie goers,
To remind all of those party throwers
That there's a greater party waiting still
And each of them will have their fill
If they only keep your commandments,
And fight the fight on the battlements!
And every now and then they'll get a laugh,
Like the one we had right here, aftermath
Of such films like the one we just saw
Shall cause our hearts to leap, and the law
Shall sit aside, now useless to us.
We shall keep it in our hearts. No fuss.

Still, perhaps its all just a foolish dream,
And there's no way for Church to redeem
The ways of film, of plays, and stories too...
But then, they never left the Churches pew,
They came first from religion, Pagan and Jew
Romans and Greeks, Pantheon A la Stew!
So many stories all wrapped into one,
A never ending tale of God's only son.
And hidden inside each tale told by man
Is a portion of his story, an egg in the pan.

If you don't like this poem, you could just walk by,
You could let me know, you've gone awry!
Turn back before you start to go loopy!
Don't fall asleep! You're eyes are droopy!
But I'll laugh and I'll say, it's time that you start
To think with both your head, and your heart.
And when you do, your stories will reflect,
What is inside your heart, your head will respect.

                                    Filmalot, (c) Luke Bennette, May 2012

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