Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pause to Consider...

There is a great clash of iron will, of snow and ice that forms above the hills and kills all that is beneath it with the spear of bitter frost. Such is the discontentment that has long separated man from his fellow, state from it's brother, and nation under God. The will of men will always be bent to do good, though not always for the right reasons, and not always the best good. Because of this there will always be fire in the eyes of men, for they believe their good is better, and will never relent until their need is fulfilled; whether that be in physical gain, or the assuaging of guilt. But get what they want they will, unless they are deterred by the heart, for at the core of all men, and women, is the dignity of God, wherein they discern that all was created as Good; though it has come to evil at some point or another. However, since each will not relent their goods by force, no argument, force, or bickering, no legislation, no war, no pain or sorrow will sunder them from their belief, save an example to prove that there is a greater good than that which they hold, they will bring utter ruin to the lives of Everyman that lives in peace. As Chesterton would say, 'they will either go towards or away from God.' In an effort to assuage our guilt of doing nothing, we often drive others away; for we preach what we know to be true with but words, and not actions. And if we are right in one arena we are foiled in another by our sin. So it is all the more necessary that we surrender ourselves entirely to God in every arena. But it will not be enough. For to conquer the hearts of men, one must appreciate that we ourselves must desire something, must desire it greatly. For in desire is far more power than the negative thrum of law, the judge of doom, the manacle of sin and fear that holds us back from the lesser good. We must desire the greatest good, and so the law will be fulfilled in us. Of course there are always those that are depicted by Michael Cain in the guide of Alfred from Batman The Dark Knight. "Some people can't be bought, bribed, or paid off. Some people just want to watch the world burn!" Lets hope we aren't the one's driving them to that conclusion.
I know I'm right, just as I know the sky
Will stand above me, just a mile high!
I know you'll be there, to protect all men
From perilous woods of Dwimledele fen!
Yet I cannot help but fear as we walk,
For I hear the sound of all the men talk;
Poisonous are their prayers, full of hate,
Anger, like the betrayers they have traits
Of wrath that would soon blaze about their being
Without control, no bounds within seeing.
So they begin to smoke, and brim with flame
As they stroke their anger, forget the Name
Which they called to but a moment ago;
Like their enemies they become but woe.  
                                  Through Woe we plod... (c) Luke Bennette, May 2012

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