Sunday, May 13, 2012

Imagination Courts Reality

They walk apart, yet side by side,
These two lovers of loves made wide
As the oceans between the lands;
Yet never will they hold their hands
Out to the other; for they fear
As a brother that when they're near
They shall compromise what is there
And so bring ruin and despair
To the hearts of the purist geek,
That thought them separate, and weak.
Yet perhaps one day they'll grow more bold
And reach out in their desire
To satisfy the great untold
Longing that has set a fire
Inside of their hearts and their minds;
A musical piece that unwinds
Has similar effects on men.
So both desire to give ten
Out of ten to the others sight,
To give themselves as they would, might.
They move slowly in silver moon,
For he's silent, and she doth swoon!
Yet I wonder to think if they
Should give in to their desires
Whether they would go on to play
As Olympic runners. Tire
They never would if they could but
Give themselves to the other. What
Joys are in store for us who act,
Who give to each other a pact!
Now cold reality stands firm
And imagination will burn;
Both take one look and then they reach
Out to the other, they beseech
What is, what has been, and what will
To look upon their union still;
To bless what some might call a dumb
Union between those that can't run.
But run they will, now they have made
Their decision, have not been staid.

                              Imagination Courts Reality, (c) Luke Bennette, May 2012

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