Monday, May 28, 2012

I Dreamed it up

Dreamed the world was simple,
Easy to understand,
But then I woke up,
And received great reprimand.
Saw myself a king,
A king among men.
I had nothing to give,
And still they kissed my hand.
Yet time shook me fast,
And slapped me cold with fear,
Across the lake and through the woods
Where run the mellow deer.
I Woke among the moss,
Where lichen grows and stays,
Another person laughed then,
And showed me the error of my ways.
Dreamed he life was harsh,
Cruel and undefined,
Just an unpleasant marsh,
Life was yet to be defined.
Spoke he of much glory,
Tales of ships and masts,
Yet at the end of his story,
He sighed a great alas!
Dreamed we the world was happy,
Bright and merry too,
Yet life began to go astray,
That day did rue.
Light began to creep,
Into the depths of our souls;
Wherein we found sorrow,
Discovered we were full of holes.
Another came upon us,
He walked with ease and calm,
He smiled at us with bent teeth,
And told us all to move along.
Walked we around the lake,
Now frozen with despair,
And stopped before a stake,
Which even he said to beware.
Yet dreamed we that the wood,
On fire with red and gold,
This burning bush, this golden pire,
Our salvation it did hold.
Walked we through golden flame,
The other drew back in fear,
Unafraid, and unabashed,
We walked into a clear.
Walked we by faith alone,
To guide us in the mist of lights,
That surround us, flesh and bone. 
Dreamed we the holes were mended,
Our souls were made a light,
Our hearts we thought were rented
By darkness black as night.
Yet time, he woke, and so did we,
Amid our yells of fear,
As night came on and we did quake,
Awake we quaked with tears.
Knew we to change our ways,
Though neither knew the other,
And one day we may phrase,
Our deeds unto another.
Dreamed the world was what
We thought it out to be,
It turned out that it was but
A fantasy.
Long after the dream we saw,
As though through a lens each other,
We smiled for a moment,
Each content,
To see again his brother.
Then time snatched us away,
One by one he does,
Takes by surprise his prey,
He will be, is, and was.

                I Dreamed it up, (c) Luke Bennette, May 2012

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