Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Laggards Merry Go Round

The devil's got me on a merry go round
That's never going to stop until I'm found
Lying dead from the spinning wheel
That never stopped until a great seal
Came flying out of the sky to greet
This spinning piece of metal, a fleet
Of fire and brimstone that landed fast
Upon my head; there I spoke my last!
Yet all of this is but to come in time,
And if you have a way to change my line
From woe and grief and spotted pain
To joy, a wreath of happiness, do rain
Down upon me your knowledge of this
That I may find a way into eternal bliss.
Else I'll still be here on the merry go round,
Waiting until the morning, until I'm found. 

                    The Laggards Merry Go Round, (c) Luke Bennette, May 2012

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