Wednesday, May 30, 2012

To Trust you must Sue

You told me,
I could be,
Anything that I wanted, yeah.
That's what you said.

I told you,
Yes it's true,
I'd rather follow instead. 

And it's not easy,
Yeah that's what you said.
To follow you,
Would tear me to shreds.

Since when did the world turn to grey?
The gold is gone, it's gone today.
The world is bankrupt,
And it can't see.
Don't want to interrupt,
I just want to know, who you want me to be!

A child is warm,
Like red leaves, and gold.
Your heart is torn,
Yeah, it's all been well worn.

You're falling too fast!
You're getting old.
You're changing fast,
That's what I'm told,
But I can't change who I wanted to be,
When I was a boy, and wanted to see,
I wanted to see,
But I'm not free.

Like a lion's rage
I'm all confused,
Trapped in a cage,
Poked and abused!

And if you keep it up,
You'll find it's not good,
Volcano's do erupt;
I would that you could.

Cause the world is grey
When you can't sing,
And I have to pay,
To the table I bring,
One last ray,
This ray of hope,

Cause everything's grey!
And I can't say,
When they end will be,
The end of sorrow
That will set us free!
I'm at the end of my rope--

So tell me what it is you want me to say,
Tell me like it is, do you want me this way?
How can I change please help me teach,
What I've learned! O please! help me, I beseech...

Please be true.
Don't let go.
I'll follow you,
Forever you know.

You shook my hand,
You let it stray.
You let me wander,
I ran away.
But where I went, I can hardly remember,
And I didn't come back, till half past December.

Years had gone by,
When I thought I would die,
Still I can't cry,
And I don't know why!

Cause the world is grey, by it's heart is green,
I'm not here to stay, is it all just a dream?
Is there a place where the gold is good?
A place where men do what they should?
I can't see,
The raging sea,
But I walk into it, because you want me to see...

You told me to walk,
To trust in your hand,
Can I walk and talk?
I can't understand;
Cause I took my place there at your side,
Yet I wasn't content, I was full of pride...

I ran away from what I said,
Said I'd follow you,
Until I'm dead!
You gave me to much room to think,
My heart is a ship that's ready to sink!
And everywhere I hear the jeers,
Cause the world is grey,
It's filled with tears!

I just want to be with you.
Don't make me beg, please don't make me sue.
I want to trust, to trust in you.

              To Trust you must Sue, (c) Luke Bennette, May 2012

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