Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Look now to your left, then look over the right.
All of these people, in and out of sight,
They are your people, their struggles your fight!
A gift you have been given, truly so,
One by which you may fight off many woes,
By which you may protect your people's toes
From nameless evils and relentless foes.
Inside you will find, all that you will need,
The wonder of God, by which you may feed,
Each and every one, your people in need,
But it may be hard, you may even bleed.
Yet standing by on your left and your right,
Are brothers, fellow priests, bishops, the right
Hand of God himself is now at your side,
Urging you and your brothers forward! Ride
Into the sun without fear, not a one!
So brothers you have, and a Sargent too,
And many more brothers and sisters who
Have gone before you, to the pearly gates;
Your advisers, sure, are no second rates.
And if you should fall even with their aid,
Are beaten down in the bright golden glade
Of God's own country, defending your folk,
Remember where you must place your great bulk
Of prayer, where to beg intercession;
I do not speak only of confession.
I speak of one who has gone before us,
Whose mantle is blue, now white, a great dress
Of golden sheen; lit by the sun, her son,
Your redeemer, that great son of a gun
Who fell down, as you, in the golden glade:
For such was earth once before it was staid
By the hands of men, hasty and impatient:
He who was, and is, He who was God sent.
Remember now, in the moment of love,
When you were given new hands, a white glove
Of light that transformed your entire being,
It is that man, which I am truly seeing.
Remember now, that you are given a task
From which you must take no glory; don't bask
In the deeds that are accomplished by Him,
But bask in His glory, leave behind sin.
Now my poem is done, my task complete,
My hope that you will be as finest wheat.
Know that I'll pray and fast for you, in time.
Thus ends my poem, thus begins God's sign.

                                   Ordination, (c) Luke Bennette, May 2012

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