Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Thundering Clear

It's clear to me,
As I hope you will see,
That with the season's shiny new dance
Everyone goes,
Though nobody knows,
Where they are going in advance.
Now the breath of the ground heaves a sigh,
And leaves near and high
Taste the stain of absence, no sweet relief
Made plentiful without a thief.
But high in the sky,
Sporting no clothes,
Is the sun, and O my!
He hasn't any robes.
No clouds fill in the cunning clefts,
And the sun's teeth makes cruel hefts.
And beneath him the world moans.
For the sigh of the wind is naught,
And birds in the tress are caught
Without the gentle blue baritones. 
Now even as this changes to winter's strike,
Where workers wont work for pay,
Where men and women,
All of them alike,
All leave town for a single day,
Even as change occurs and derives
From the land a gentle hiss ,
(for water goes up,
Then down,
For a while,
And then simmers the ground with a kiss)
My friends and I
Don't change,
Are spry,
And we ourselves have not a one miss.
Yet came into our lives
Women, our wives,
And we could not hold true
To each other, our brotherly bliss.
We left each other,
For woman a brother,
And saw each again the blue sky made clear.
Yet I'd rather see,
From beneath the tree,
The sky all a thunder,
And adventure afoot!
Than to tend to a wife
Who's sure to bring strife,
And want me to massage her bare foot!
Fled I then underneath
The bland summer day
Between the crannies of the sunlit quay,
And never looked back,
I even picked up the slack,
And made it,
Now I sit,
Underneath the thundering tree, but alack!
For no clouds were there.
The change was clear.
A morbid affair;
And I was a poor seer.
Loosing hope I stayed,
And my life was staid.
I sat there underneath the tree and I played.
Like a boy in the rush of the creek at dawn
Plays with the critters, and rolls in the lawn.
A feeling of fear at the thought of change
I thought to myself I will seek out the range
Of mountains tall enough to climb;
No matter their height,
I shall be fine.
I returned then to the home of my friends,
And sought them out not;
The thought of them offends!
Thus as I gathered my things to go
Upon the great trek,
The great show,
A woman stood there clothed all in blue;
A mantle of white she wore, tis true. 
Thought I then, I have found my life!
My way out of all of this horrendous morbid strife!
I reached out to take
What I sought,
And thought
My head what would my heart slake,
She vanished from me with a smile and a laugh,
And I was left,
Without a path to take.
Twiddle nature until it grins
And the sun beams down from the heavens.
Squeeze the jar of glass till it breaks,
You wont find what you seek,
You're peace it takes.
Restless was I then,
I could not see.
My eyes were blind in this world,
Yet the scent was clear, and the sound still held;
For the sound could of sky and earth meld
To make one all existence,
Though by another's power;
For she was but a mighty turret
In a castle
A tower,
A bastion of reminiscence. 
Searched I the world in a kite of stars,
But found her not,
Not even on mars.
Looked I into the farthest depths of space,
And could not find of her a single trace.
Returned I then to my house and home,
And went to my room,
Where I now atone.
For I lost what was good,
And what was good is now gone.
I pray I might be taken from this life gone on.
Yet strange,
Lo, Behold!
Here is a wonder that's never been told!
For with a smile and a laugh,
She appears inside
My room,
My home,
And walks to my side.
Kneel then did I upon a sheet of grassy wood;
For the vision did change where I stood
Into a golden Forrest,
A resting place,
Where I forever might live, I could.
With what speed did you run said she
To the farthest reaches of the sun to be
Where I was not,
You thought, but caught
Me not outside the realm of your sea.
The ocean is grand, but the sea,
Is where you were meant to be.  
And though it pains you as a cliff that breaks away
From the mighty face of a mountain's back,
To remain in this place, to stay,
I must ask, and implore you to be
My own servant, co intercessory.
For your friends, they have changed,
And so have you;
As is wont of men and women too.
Do not run from the fight
Which is here, in your town.
Here it is that you might
Turn your frown upside down. 
Left she then her aura there,
And my life as well,
My life she did spare.
Like a wind now gone that's promised rain
In the aftermath her scent, a thunder in her train.
Now it's clear to me,
That the vision we see,
That is life itself around us,
Is more often than not
Exactly what we got
For the sake that we give our trust.
For as an elephant is loath to admit,
Might even curse,
Or bite,
Or spit!
He'd never give credence that he forgets a thing.
And upon himself is own ruin he will bring.
Likewise the man who flee's his home
Without proper cause, and does not atone,
Shall rue the day he left the stalk of green grass
Untended within his home; the unsaid mass.
So don't look for clear skies,
Look for thunder,
And lightning to arise!
You'll know you're in the right place.
There you shall find rest, and grace. 

                      The Thundering Clear, (c) Luke Bennette, May 2012

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