Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Tree Shrew

Here in the shade of the tree Maritan
I see one who's wise, but has a strange plan;
A woman is she, not for me to judge,
Not to frail or thin, without a fat pudge.
But back the the plan which I heard her speak
Of ensnaring men that come here each week.
She spoke of it well, and hardly to soon;
For it now seems to be a very full moon!
So she enacted her plan, to catch all
The men who pass through town in the bright fall.
But for what reason? she would not explain.
Perhaps it is merely a joke, a plain
Riddle for men to pick their way through; she
Perhaps is a woman, and a tree shrew.

                              The Tree Shrew, (c) Luke Bennette, May 2012

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