Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Over that Pond of Eternity

Find your way, go the distance,
Pass the ford of reminiscence.
Enter into the valley
To call upon your friend Sally!
May she join you on your quest
To see where you are hailed as best.

Over hills make your weary way,
Through briar and bramble, and say,
Far yet have we to go until,
We find a place our stomachs fill,
Shall never empty, never, no!
Let us trudge on then, through the snow!

Into the winter blizzard break
That you may overcome the snake,
That trail labeled thus for it's shape;
Watch for the chill upon your nape.
Enter into the cave of the weir,
Disturb not the water, or your fear
Shall then take life, and consume
You body and soul: your doom.

Exit from those darkened holds
Into sunlit mountains made bold
In the glowing scales of ice;
Be glad it is cold, fear no lice.
Walk through the glaciers of life,
Fear no evil, and fear no strife.

Continue on in this vein my friend,
Keep going! Go on round the bend.
Do not stop until you see
The shining slopes of the sea!
That stretch far and wide beyond
Into eternities great pond.

Then seeing, you and Sally,
Shall you know where to go.
Then make you fast, rally!
Lest you should fall into woe.

For your quest is but begun
When you know where to seek.
But if you fall down and run,
You shall not last the week.
Therefore draw your bow,
And Sally draw your sword.
For fear, as you know,
May take you while you're bored.

Then weapons drawn go the distance,
Walk on through the water's unknown.
Do not fall into reminiscence,
For that ford is found also there,
Is clear to the bird that has flown,
In the ocean's sea green hair. 

Then walking on water cross the way,
Cross by night, or if you must by day.
But fear the day on that walk,
Fear also speech, or as you call it talk.
Do not stay upon the beach of white sand,
Rather flee, go, run from the land!
As I said before, foe lies behind,
You must go, and pay a mind
To what lies before you, your task,
Do not on the shore lie, in daylight bask.

And Sally, if you desire to stay on,
Remember why you journey fourth,
Know that you must go, set upon
The quest, you must continue north!
Into the sea with your friend you must,
Lest you return, return to mere dust.
For yonder, across eternities pond, fair,
Lies the greater substance, and greater share.

Now you who did start upon this quest,
And found Sally, who did think you best,
Be not affronted when I say to you,
You must keep at bay, to your self be true.
For until you change you have no chance
To cross this sea, you may not advance.
No wizard will bar you, no one shall.
But you shall not cross, nor Sally your pal.

Therefore in you is the burdened placed,
Change yourself now, lest in disgrace
You are forced to turn, and use weapons
To fight off woe; fight evil lessons.
But you shall change, I have faith in it,
I would even swear by my handy spit!

Here then is how you must do it,
Set your mind and your heart to it.
Free your soul from cucumbers,
And anything else that encumbers.
Take Sallies hand in yours and walk,
Walk across the water, do not talk.
Feel in your heart what she does for you.
She in turn will notice that you are true.
Do not abuse this truth, this belief,
For found in her heart it will give relief.
A man and a woman may cross the way
Of eternities pond, may traverse to the quay
Where Heaven's shores still lap in laughter,
Where you may hear the sound of the gaffer.

So having crossed and not fallen in,
I can assure you, you have left behind sin.

You all that have read, and wisely so I add,
Do not be cross with me, do not be mad.
I have given you an idea, a mere thought to chew.
May you take it or leave it, as tea to brew.
But know this much if you will, please do,
And do not for my words my person sue.

Sally helped him to go the distance,
She healed him from the fords reminiscence.
He in turn overcame her fear of the deep,
Now in eternity they wake, they do not sleep.
Do then as they, walk hand in hand.
As woman, as man, wife and husband.

                      Over that Pond of Eternity, (c) Luke Bennette, May 2012

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