Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Threat of Disguise

Befriend me and you shall never see why
It is that I am friendless; for you shall
Fill the bill of fare so nicely, your shy
Build will hone mine enemies with hallow
Eyes: give them even more reason to despise such
Luck as I have. First fabulous wealth, touched
With gems and jewels, then fabulous health
From your most beauteous and loving form.
Can you not see my proposal is norm
For many a proud bachelor? The storm
Is drawing near and fast upon us, borne
On the high winds of age that does not stop;
So should you not accept lest beauty drop
From your face and leave you not a one place
To go in your own home town of crystal?
Yet now perchance I see frowns, annoyance
Upon your dainty brow; do not be full
Of anger my sweet! Les your hate should prance
Upon your face until the doorstep of
Death itself should meet you with his black glove;
That indeed would be a hefty sum toll.
Then tell me dearie, which do you value?
The Pauper's shoes, or the dragon I slew?
Which gives peace of mind? Security? Who
Gives peace of heart? The kind beauty does seek?
But who seems strong at heart but is most weak
In frame and built; oh he is the man that you
Did love from long ago, and would not sue
Your heart to let go, would not conform to
My sues of love, my plans for yee! Let go,
Lest you be caught in the storm outside, thrown
Into the wild, where jackals may wait on
Your beauty and sour it with their own filth!
Thus you have my questions; you are mon cher!
You would not leave me would you? do not dare...

                                                    The Threat of Disguise, (c) Luke Bennette, May 2012

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