Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Atonement Takes Two

A Song. 

As I walk through the valley of my home
I see myself, realize that, I'm alone,
Looking into mirror, makes you wanna atone,
How else you gonna make em throw you a bone?

Its bad enough that you and I, with our
Heads caught up in such a lie,  we can't
Figure ourselves out, so we write all day
We boss elves about! Cause no-one else will
Hear our tithes, they don't comprehend don't fully
Realize, We're hell bent on discovery,
All we want is some money, just a fee!

Cause it seems to be what it's all about,
I can't seem to see it, maybe I'm just a lout!
Cause all that matters to me is the rhyme,
I don't seem to worry about all the time
That I waste in the day making up all this stuff,
I don't have a poker face, so I can't bluff!

 It's bad enough that you and I, can't find
Anybody else to to apply, what we've
Got is so sublime! We delve into the
Mysteries of slime! No matter the word
No matter Thought We give it all we are, and!
All that we've got! We can't fly, so we sing;
Hope we're not off key and that we ring!

Cause no matter what the time or the day,
We'll keep on making rhymes, that is our play!
You may have skills, like a champion, make me
Think I'm not cool cause I ain't got no mansion!
What is this place that you call sweet? I'm
Not about to throw my life away for some suite!

So go ahead, bling out your house and home,
Cause in the end you're gonna be all alone!
You be buying a dog, just to throw a bone!
Knowing all along that you've got to atone!

It doesn't matter to you or to me,
We've got rhymes and schemes,
We've got, poetry!

We here the bells, ringing fine!
While you work, please, drop us a line!
Please partake in our pleasantry,
We aren't just some petty peasantry!

Cause in the end I'm all alone, my heart
Is such a mess, and I'm trying to atone.
Such a stupid mess, stripping me to the bone!
Money doesn't matter much, as I've shone!

Walk on bye, don't you wave, I don't care much Its just another rave!
I'm staying here It's my brother's cave, I'll drink more beer Cause I'm just a slave! 
I'm not gonna pave, the way with gold, or with ice
No matter how you paint your far fetched Paradise!
It's just another part of life to me,
I'll sit here depressed, writing poetry.

If you think you can make me budge,
I'd suggest you bring on the fudge!
Cause in the end I'll be all alone,
I'm sitting here, trying to atone.
Everybody is making nice to me,
Everyone is taking on hypocrisy.

As I walk through the valley of my home,
I look in the mirror, realize that, I'm alone.
I find myself walking to the door,
There's a sight there that, I abhor,
On the mantle all my sins, they are writ!
They cause me to shake, to spin and to spit!

I foam at the mouth yeah, once or twice,
Before I call out, please Jesus Christ!
Save me from myself will you?
Can't you see that I love you!

I know that I've gone so far away,
But I'd come back to you, any-day,
Just take me back, forgive me,
I beg of you, I'll pay the fee!

And that's the end of this petty song, I
Hope that you I have come along the
Way's of understanding, so that we meet
Each other halfway and can do this feat.
Now take my hand, one's better than two,
We'll call out together, Jesus Hallelujah!


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