Saturday, March 31, 2012

One + One = Two

Almost asleep while standing on my feet,

I look about me for some sweet relief;

I see thereof my house, my home, and bed;

But then I see a sight, that stops me dead.

Your tears upon the roadway do glisten

And your person is lost, is so missing.

Awake with fire, and newly renewed

I seek out your presence; for I am cued 

By lost hopes, and gentle desires found

Upon the road where you lost them, unsound

Of mind and heart, and your soul which has fled

From sanity by the street of the dead. 

Into the wild of the void that is darkness....

Yet hearken to me if You will hear me,

I shall find your lost hopes and your lost dreams

Because You are very dear unto me,

I shall find You by any and all means.

I shall follow your trail of brokenness,

Until I find You, though nothingness

I must cross, I will do it, tis my turn!

My spirits now awakened, my soul burns

To be off, though I know my Spirit but faint,

As some stranger who's merely acquainted

To myself, shakes my hand, but then he walks;

But to hold him back where I shall need him,

I have Hope that shall in due time feed him.

Then to complete this company of dreams,

I have gentle Courage. Although it seems

My troupe is not yet complete, for faith does

Hail me from across the way, "Your foes

Do close in upon you like night the day,

Run, retreat! I'll cover your flight and way!"

So with now rearguard covers my path, and we

Move across, following the aftermath

Of your deep distress, now tainted so red.

I pray and I hope that you have not bled

In vain, so to return to love and life!

Yet suddenly, overcome by the strife

I falter, down upon my knees, in mud

That has covered me in grim. I do shud

Er to think that you have passed by this way;

And aided by Spirit and Hope I say,

"Courage, do light the way for us my friend!

Tell us what you find, what lies round the bend?

If you should find her body and spirit

Still here in this world let us hear of it!"

Then goes Courage around the bend, as a

Star that is brighter than the brightest day.

So I wait with still Hope, my Spirit too,

And we wait in silence, we think on You.

Then up comes a cry as loud as the dawn

That does overcome every darkness, fawn's

It's way into my sight diminished and

Speaks as though an orchestra, such a grand

Cry did I hear that I ran, my legs worn

From the chase, leaden with fatigue. But born

Anew was my friend Spirit, and dear Hope

Did press me harder still to further cope

With the hardness I was yet to endure.

Then turning the corner we saw them both.

First Courage, with a twinkle in his eye;

But t'was the second that I did espy.

Faith, come to meet us, though we knew not how

Now held in his arms with a sweaty brow

My Sister. Pale, her side was bleeding, such

Tears in her eyes that but the slightest touch

Might send her reeling into the abyss.

But she was alive, that I could not miss!

Though she was covered from head to toe

In the mantle of sorrows and of woes

She looked up at that moment to see me.

Such joy tells  us, we desire to be.

And with her face still bent from nights trials

She grimaced in pain, as though her dials

Were not working the way that they should; for

She looked up only as far as she could.

To quell the words I knew she would speak,

And to save her from becoming so weak

I did speak these words to her soul, "My dear,

My sister, My kin, My blood, I do fear

That you may yet be taken from my sight.

Do not then speak though you would and might,

Of troubles and woes that filled you with fright.

It is all past now, leave it to the past,

You are safe here with me, present at last!"

She smiled from the arms of Faith and said,

"My brother, will you please, put me in bed?"

I laughed out loud and remembered it well,

That when you are tired you are in hell.

Without common reason, devoid of sense

We do grave deeds, we seek such recompense

As will fill the void for the hurt we made

Upon others hearts, or the hurts they bade

Us carry. So now, both tired, but free,

We walk off down that road quite merrily,

We walk now to go to bed, our minds full,

Our heads held high, we've overcome the toll. 

For hell cannot conquer a band of two.

Cannot destroy Faith, Hope, our Spirits blue,

Not even gentle Courage! No, it can't.  

As long as you have Me and I have You.

                                                                 Two, (C) Luke Bennette, March 2012

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