Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Inverted Well

Thoughts unbidden enter into my mind,

Course through my head like blood throughout all of

My veins, unconscious; as the new spring

That bounds forth every year, and takes new life

From the sun's rays. How inscrutable, oh,

How unfathomable are thoughts when left

Alone, at ease within the mind; they have

No conscious experience, existence,

Know no meaning, yet are able to touch

The many hearts that may hear them, they sound

Minds that might bear them, enter bodies of

Those that walk and talk. Such men would think

Themselves knowledgeable, to know their thoughts

Even the thoughts of others . Yet thoughts do

Not know the impact they have made upon

The Soul of man, have not yet seen what lies

Without, the mark they have impressed upon

Waking eyes, on men and women that come

And go throughout histories narrow gate.

Shall these thoughts then come to life through my words,

Affect my action, and so change the world

Without my knowing their purpose? For all

Though the sky be tall as highest mountains,

Taller still is that which lies beyond them,

The golden rays of the setting sun; thoughts

Know no limit till that unbidden force

Of imagination gathers them up

For the great cyclone of understanding.

Then propelled by the might of the storm, a

Funnel of beauteous light known only as

Intellect draws them down to the mind where

They at last enter into the well of wisdom.

And here, ready for understanding, I

Stand unsure, wary to complete the task;

I call upon my store of wisdom; not

Knowing if the storm of words I have un

Leashed shall be the cause of heaven or hell.

Such is the risk we all take when we speak.

But best to talk now, lest later we leak.

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