Sunday, March 25, 2012

Beyond Love's Grasp

There she stands. Now I must go. Yet here, she

May call out to me "Stop, don't go! Stay on!

Leave me not unsatisfied; for I, left

Alone with but my tears, am dying; I

Love you. Do you not feel it also? Bless

This love that I hold for you, allow me

To move about with you! Though the way be

Perilous to my person and my frame

Be weak and wary of the heights you must

Climb I shall match your stride to to gain

Your hidden love; that most affectionate

Smile you think I cannot see, that joy

Full bearing you take upon my sight; for

Though roses do wither and fade from the

Cold Breath near, I shall not! But with so much

Determination shall hold out against

The pangs of winter, as though in labor

Will I follow you, but to know that I tried!

If you can but let go of your fear,

If you can but hold onto our love, tears

Held back for my sake, though your heart breaks

For knowing what lies ahead of you, I

Will be your courage! Do not draw upon

Those false spirits that do offend you love!

They merely portray that which you desire
As easily grasped; for when you tire

They will leave you with so little strength that

Trees could move more freely than you could! So

Shall these friends make a pittance of you, and

Leave you as a target in the open.

So the wind shall buffet you senseless! But,

Wait...Oh, see...please do not mock meaning!

I but mean to help you, to be your aid; don't

With scorn in your eyes leave me behind in

This place of sorrow!" Yet I walk on in

my fit of rage, her hands upon my back

Cause me pause, I turn to say the words I

Must; though find my way blocked, her lips upon

Mine now cause confusion greater still. And

Though I protest at her for fear that she
Be laid to waste upon this quest, this fee

Extracted from my soul, she stops my voice

With but a single look that could move all

The world. "You would with heroic bent leave

Me here in this place if only to save

Me. Intentions pure are still misled. Do

Not listen! For though I live on, in this

Borrowed garb must I tread, must beg for my

Bread, and seek my way without you until

You should return; but what foolish hopes are

These that I cling to, like diamonds traded

Wax, my hopes now wane by this flame in

Side of my heart, and now I see in your

Eyes the truth at last. You will not love me,

You shall not return. I know that inside

Of you your heart burns as mine, to entwine

Yourself to me, as though vines on a tree!

Oh give me answer though you have not the

Heart to take me with you; I crave your words!"

So have her words cut wide into my heart. 

My head is now spun upon like a wheel

Set in motion by hands unseen, my thoughts

All but lost in the pain of her gaze; yet

Still, such a ruinous curse I dread as this;

That I should forsake my love, my gentle

Bliss, all for sake of knowing her safe

In the land of our birth; oh such mirth have

I shared with her, such beauteous sights have

I seen through her eyes of borrowed sheen: how

Much knowledge have I still to glean from her

Eyes of blue. Oh debts of old be gone! For

Though you hold me fast, bid me anon to

That place where death and I shall meet, I fail

To see how such avenged wrongs for men now

Shrouded by dust can put me at ease. But

This cannot last, death's hand only delayed,

My debt must be repaid, else what am I?

So though my heart be sure and true when she

Is near, I must leave her side; Out thou fear!

Thus with a heavy heart I kiss her face.

Parting with love is the greatest disgrace

Man can endure. To leave is death's embrace.

Beyond Love's Grasp, (C) Luke Bennette

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