Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cheetahs Embrace

The tapping of your foot, grinding of your

Teeth, huffing of your breath, all seem to say

Peace, come not near me, else you shall die! Yet

Upon seeing you my day seems brighter,

The air I breath also seems much lighter,

And all else fades, save your frustration made

Worse by the thought, oh! consternation! that

I who am untouched by your pains, your quiet

Woes that beset you with aches, do look so

dumb to you; shall this be the world of love?

That one shall be happy and the other sad?

You feign away, as though mistaking my

Love for some middle aged bubonic plague,

As though with one touch I could take away

A third of your life and live off of it.

Come now, is work so present to you that

You must move when I am at your side? Do

You not know your very essence makes pride

Seem so petty? As tree's stomach winter's

Icy touch until they must wake again?

So do I touch your hands as they retreat,

My body rings out in joy, while yours does

Fails to reciprocate loves signals. You

Shove me back, and for a moment I should

Think you for a teapot, boiling over

All the day's worries and frustrations in

One single scream of vice and sin. My hands

Go for my ears, as your voice finds itself.

You rant, you rail, you use colorful

Words with such efficiency that I blush

In pale modesty. But then your mouth

Runs slack against another bout of hate

Still newly formed by my defense, this gate

That I do hold up to my ears prevents

You from being heard. Yet as you prepare

To fall upon me, a hawk in the sky

Against some poor prey without a chance, I

Lean forward and take my own pretty chance;

By planting a kiss upon your lips. Then,

Your eyes now closed with some mixed feelings, your

lips bent askew in deliberation,

You sigh; as car that lacked a muffler.

Recognizing my imminent danger

I swoop in for the kill, a lone ranger.

I clasp my hands about your waist, and pull

You full into my cheetahs embrace. I

Look into your stricken eyes and I say,

I'm sorry about what happened today.

If you'll forgive and forget as those proud

Elephants do, for a moment you'll get

sweet relief; from me unto you. Her eyes

Do show the struggle within, her desire

To hate me, but also to give in; she

Rages about, like the stormy waves at sea.

Such is love that we must fight of ourselves,

To overcome hate, and gain lovers glee!

So it was when she looked at me and said,

I am yours to love only when we've wed.

For cheetahs do run the distance so quick,

I'd rather take it slow, and make seconds tick,

Lest Love should turn into such dreary lust;

Lust fails to last when we are turned dust.

Cheetah's Embrace, (C) Luke Bennette, March 2012

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