Friday, March 30, 2012

Simple Fury peach Fuzz

What is all the world but a stage? So some

Bard, some goodly sage of Britain once said.

But what if I told, that is, were bold, to say

That there's more to life than merely a play?

For though you see the act from outside, you

Don't truly know or realize, that the

Actors who are there onstage, are but

Figs on a tree; you are the branches! So

Why do you look to the actors on stage,

When they look to you as they pledge to speak

Only the truth? For you'll find if you try,

There's a twinkle in your eye, that has them

Truly, forsooth! They know they understand

Less, so they command you to perform that

They may so adorn, may imitate you,

They are so forlorn, pray "satiate us!

For we know not who or what to be. Show

Us what is, and we with a wiz, will show

You what we see. And so while you see,

We shall also be! There will be no quiz

On this stuff, or else we do bluff, for you

Must find within our act that you were blind,

That's just a fact! And so choose now to be

What you were, are, and what you will be. For

Upon seeing yourself in a mirror,

It's hopeful that you do see quite clearer.

But for those of you who can't see within,

Just look at us! We'll show you what we see,

Take it from us! We'll tell you merrily!

We'll tell you you're woes and all of your fears,

We'll bring you to frown, to groan, and to tears!

We'll make you laugh like never before, and

At the end you will say, "Where is the door?"

For the merriment of life's quiz, has so

Discombobulated you, made a wiz

Of those that have listened and seen; and so

Because of what we've said you have been more

Careful now of how you behave, lest we

The masters of comedy make you slave

To overcome that look, that behavior,

That took you by surprise; we're your savior!"

This is truly what honest chaps will say,

When they take you out to see but a play.

So if you think that all the worlds a stage,

Take it from me, I who am but a page

To you who are the knight I imitate.

The world is one that I don't understand

So I look to you, who do reprimand

Others for being what and who they are,

I then imitate what I hear and see,

And what I come up with sets me free!

The world is a world, that much is, so sure,

But you who are certain of place, or were,

Are showing me the things of life, indeed,

The very things that I don't like, I bleed

From your anger, your hate, your avarice,

Your gluttony, your lust, and if you must

Know, your idolatry. So now, what to say,

That hasn't already been said to you?

The world is but, "simple furry peach fuzz!"

Because you said so, that's all, just because.  

Simple Furry Peach Fuzz, (C) Luke Bennette, March 2012

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