Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Jury Duty

Honorable Judge. Members of the

Jury, I commend your actions.

That you have maintained tradition so as

To resist any who would so abet

This court from acting with the law; it is

Your duty to advocate the truth, to

Aid us in our need by giving to us

Your thorough and righteous decision.

Thank you. Soon you will go back to your room,

Where, assisted by what you have gleaned

From all of the evidence revealed,

Here, in this room of court, you will so come

To a decision, you will so to speak

Boost the man who here has a claim to that

Victory, that you as of yet have not

given, nor the man made clear. Forgive me

Your honor if I am not frank, I am,

Testing the waters. You see I do not

Condone the silence of this jury. Were

I in the presence of such a man as

Is here before me I would encourage

Him to stay strong. As you all have done

To my opponent. Your honor, I have

Poof to sustain this claim, but, before I

Reveal it to you I would finish

What I have started. Thank you. If you will

Excuse me, members of the jury, I

Shall ramble on for some time; you have no

Choice in the matter but to encourage

Me in my ramblings; for at the end

Of this discourse you will all be sent

To prison to sit next to the man you

Illegally endorse. Your honor, if

You do so please, I have not finished my

Testimony to the jury who must

Make their peace with God, before they may find

Favor with him; so as cast their vote in

A way that allows them to move forward;

Else they will all perish in their own lies.

Will you allow me to proceed? Or do

You need me to swear myself in? Thank you.

Now as I said, you endorse this man ,here;

My only question is to wonder why?

Why would you endorse a man who fosters

A new civil order that does not give

Precedence to these Americans here?

Yes, great Scott your honor I am aware

That I have been out of order some time;

Jonathan, the casket, if you please! Will

This, your honor, allow me further speech?

Or do you disprove of my goading the truth

Out of these men and women, who have so

Failed in their duty to help country,

Do patronize this court behind closed doors,

Promote the spell of evil that is hell,

And so provoke you by their insolence.

As you will soon see by the contents here

Revealed? Will you not let me speak? For

I do assure you, your honor, rest assured,

That when this casket is opened, I do

Not doubt that you will second my motion

To have them thrown into the brig for life!

Will you not strengthen your country by this?

Or will you support the taunts and jeers made

Behind your back in their private quarters,

And when they have made their decision, and

You overthrown, along with every man

Who holds the post, abide in shame when you

Did not act, but knew that you could? Can you

Bear the weight, that an entire nation

Stood here in this room today, to endure

Your petty silence! They that obey but

Do not agree with this egregious

Oversight of law, that causes them to

Suffer, yes, to suffer from your mistake;

All because you would not tolerate a

Lawyer to speak to the jury without

Proper guidelines! Open the casket, Jon.

Jury Duty, (C) Luke Bennette, March 2012

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