Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Waking Dreams

My mind is ill at ease, I cannot sleep,

Such a heavy heart I have if you please

That I will start to compare a woman

To a caramel, that from afar appears

Quite at ease; Oh the simplest touch will

Cause her to melt away, her defenses

Down you hold her and gently sway to

The music of her voice that hums "day by

Day." Can anyone with such thoughts be put

To sleep so easily? Can they bear the thought,

That their greatest dreams are now made present

To them, that their most powerful hopes are

Shown to their waking eyes? Can a man now

Dead sleep peacefully when he knows that he

Never once loved, never once felt the most

Tender of things in his arms? Can woman

Sleep the night away when her heart is kept

At bay by the thought of her gentle beau?

Can animals speak though they first bleat out

Their thoughts of love and woe? These are the thoughts

That keep me up at night, create for me

Such wondrous sights that I am pressed to make

An answer to them post haste; so rather

Than sleep here I am, awake with my thoughts

Apace, speeding ever faster in the

Great race that is my beating heart. Oh how

Shall I ever want to sleep again? Thus

Do I write, thus do I speak out my hearts

Discontent. That love's desire do keep

My true purpose keenly lit, and hell bent. 

My Waking Dreams (C) Luke Bennette

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