Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Hate Your Love

You are without a doubt what will be

Written on my epitaph, the end of my

Life, the cornerstone of my tomb shall

Read, "here lies the man of steel, defeated

By a woman's silence." Shall I be so

Put down by your failure to respond? I

Have labored night and day to avoid

Your presence, and yet keep myself afloat

In hopes that you are near to see

My desperate state; out thou paradox!

Thou thief of reason, thou bringer of

Want; was it not enough to see me so

Tactless when you were near me? My speech

All ajar so that my very words were

Mere crumbs in the presence of toast! You do

So reduce me to idiocy that

When men speak of you I fumble at once

In a panic, afraid you might disprove

Of an act I once found as guiltless fun!

All of this and more have you done without

Saying a single word to me. It is

Intolerable that man be so much

Afflicted by your charms that he must bend

His every move to your desires. And,

Whats worst and most unpleasant of all, I

Doubt that you even know I exist. Ha!

To think I've gone mad without even a

Word from you. Yet one small glance I'm done,

Finished, cut to ribbons, fried up in a

Sauce and served with your favorite dish. Would

That I could see how I affect you. But

I am held so tightly by your presence

That it were impossible to glean your

thoughts. Such heaven and hell never did

Stand so close together as when knowledge

Of your affection towards me proves to be

The severing link between them. Damn it!

I Hate your Love, (C) By Luke Bennette

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