Friday, March 30, 2012

God the Clown

With a chortle and a change in my voice I go in,

I behave like a fool, all in order to win

His attention, at first, so that he may

Learn to see, me, in a different way.

Now he see's me, as a clown am I now,

I pick him up toss him, but mop my brow;

For playing with children is such hard work

That you must do it right, can't be a jerk!

You must chase them and catch them, just like God

Who chases unceasingly while we plod

About our miserable lives, so bleak,

We don't even know we'll survive the week!

But back to the child who doesn't yet know

Of the pains, the sorrows, or terrible woe,

We've got to be bright, just like a light!

We've got to grab them, hold on so tight!

When they say No, No, No, I wont do it!

We've got to say, Ha, Ha, Ha, I'll do it!

Each child wants to be like mom or dad,

So it's important to be, just a tad,

The sort of person we want them to be,

So that they wont end up in misery.

We've got to act God, the child takes our cue,

Then we will hear, "I want to be like you!"

But we say to ourselves, I can't do it!

We are tired, we just can't go through it!

Yet inside of us, if we will listen,

There is a clown telling us, to lean in,

To do everything while standing up tall,

To push, and push hard, to give it our all!

If we don't listen, we're probably dead,

Haven't woken up, and are still in bed.

But if we do, chances are, me and you,

Have already heard this reminder, true.

Are putting on our garment or our gown,

We prepare to become funny old clown.

We open the door and he see's us there,

He see's us as we are, a clown. Now fair

Trials of life, and of woe, will so tear

Us astrife as we soe. The seeds are our

Children, the future of all; we all are

Children, if we listen to God's call. So

We all imitate the one standing tall.

We act our part, with our clown shoes and all!

God the Clown, (C) Luke Bennette, March 2012

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