Friday, March 23, 2012

Lesser Evil

Do not infringe upon my soul I beg

Of you! This pressing in of all I know

And love, this enforcing of laws above,

This hatred spewed in the name of love how

It sickens me to my soul, makes me cry

Lord in heaven thou King of the highest

Heavens preserve me not only from they

That do oppose me but from myself! For

I that stand before you clothed in sin of

Past actions, wrong choices, misplaced desire,

Judged deeds, and malefactions beyond, have

No more life within me save this one breath

That does implore you for mercy still! Help

Me that I may live another day, whelp

Or no I am here to stay, and cannot

But exist, regardless of their designs;

Oh wicked designs I see before me,

Painted in love, framed by light, they bear down

Upon me with the force of a cyclone,

Shouting down every thought used as defense,

Cutting at me as though a thorn bush. Can

They not see I am one of them, in flesh

And blood, body and soul, though lacking sure

Divinity which is yours alone to

Have and give as you see fit? Again they

come, preserve me you heavenly saints; lest

Some evil unknown enter into my

Heart, possess me from head to toe, and wrench

Me of my free will. Forgive they that need

No such evil to occur; their actions

Already aligned with evil's demure.

Lesser Evil, (c) Luke Bennette
In recent months I have considered the implications of thought. How it came to be there, who came to plant the seed, what might be responsible for the way we think. Similar questions were asked by the Mass Effect Series concerning indoctrination. Now I mean no pointing of fingers by this quote. Merely the effects and the concerns and the desires of those cornered by such individuals as have abused the good in order to do good.  

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