Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mixed Feelings

To sit here once again with you, is like

To be the best of views. Do you remember

What it was like before? When you and I

Went from door to door? Or do you recall

As I do now, how it felt when we first

Reached out as we do now? Your hair

Was curled, as mine was short. I could

Tell you were unfurled as a sails sport.

My head was on fire, you noticed it though.

You cooled my desire, with your looks; oh,

To be there again, that would be so great.

But then again, here we are, the same state.

When I was zookeeper, I drew at ease;

I drew lions, tigers, and bears, so please

Tell me how you caught my sights? Sitting there

Underneath the lights; your voice called out, wow!

Such a refrain I recall; I came over,

To see why you were so appalled. You said,

It's loose, it's free, watch out for me! A Bee!

And then I turned to see what you meant; Ah!

Oh my, a bee?! I took a hit that night;

Though I had a swollen shoulder I was

Alright with you at my side. Your laugh

Filled me like water, softened my pride.

With you there my drawings went to waste.

They were replaced by the smell and taste

Of your presence. I must say how lucky

Was Adam to have painted out the

Animals below, to have named them

As they come and go. As though he painted

Their perfect shape; but then eve appeared,

Without so much warning that Adam was

Caught off guard. Hate was no longer the one

Dominance on earth. Love was here, to say

The least, that was a blessing and a curse.

Mixed Feelings, (C) Luke Bennette

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