Thursday, March 22, 2012

Divining Concequence

If my words were not censured I would so

Overthrow my own human dignity

That you would not know me by this plain sight;

Were there not laws in place preventing your

Swift removal I would harness your body

To so many steeds of fire that they,

When prompted, would speed away, spewing your

Parts across the seven seas for fish of

All kinds to devour; nay, I pray that

They leave your corpse behind, for your foul

Deed would give them belly rot strong enough

To breed a generation degenerate

Of any decency. Oh fie! What's use

Is bellowing at him when I know that

All my curses are futile. If one

Of them came to pass I'd be guilty of

Destroying another generations

Hopes and dreams, all for my pleasure. What then?

Am I so desperate to defeat my

enemy, that damned pompous fiend, that I

Will strip myself of dignity, merely

To jump in the mud with him and so clothe

Myself in villainy?  Nay, unwholesome

Thoughts away, and never come again! For

This day I shall meet my enemy face

To face so that our differences be seen;

For he shall know me by namesake alone,

That old wrongs may be righted in their name.

Heaven preserve me if I be wrong in

This act, preserve me in purgatory

For an eternity should my offense

Be mortal in nature; be in kind to

My opponent's cause, lest he suffer death.

Divining Consequences (C) by Luke Bennette


  1. I get it. We shall not quarrel. :) Hate to be on your bad side! (seriously,well written.)