Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Untitled Song

(Refrain) Oh, I just can't be what you want me to be
I need grace from above to set me free!
Sing it out loud there's nothing to hide!
Why must you be so full of pride?
I am who I was meant to be,
God is my savior, in his tent I am free!

Do you think that all your works are meant
To be yours alone, you jerks have spent
All of your time trying to be what you were,
You shouldn't mime spying, just try to concur!
You just sit there, your're all closed off!
You act unfair, and you've nosed off
To a bad start, and I don't like what I see,
It's tearing the fabric of reality.
But you don't part with your fools intelligence,
You act like I'm a fool with no money, no pence,
No money means no notice, that's what you're thinking,
But you better know this, fool's I'm ain't blinking!


I just want you to understand me why I go through it
I don't mean to reprimand or to even over do it!
Can't understand why it's got to be you or me,
Why's everybody Else's image of me,
Some dark haughty? a shell of reality?
They see somebody through their own glass of pain,
Then they expect a bad fellow, abstain!
Just what they expected,
They never protected,
Never even suggested,
Cause it would have interfered with the fellow they detected.
And all because of a lack of respect,
The fell to the floor, they hit the deck!


Trying hard to rise, to over come
What they so despised,  whats over done!
Isn't there more to life than this?
Where's love and  joy, the life of bliss?
This blending, so much hate and strife,
The tending pate that fills my life!

Can't you fix it?
Fool don't mix it!
Why don't you nix all the pain in my heart?
That kills me inside, you fain, why not start,
To see me as I was truly meant to be?
As God see's me, in eventuality! 

Cause life is more than just your opinion,
I ain't gonna be your little minion,
Just take your cup of black tea and drink it!
I like coffee, black and white, don't think it!

With all the ge-ner-ality, that floats in-si-de of you,
You call me a mon-stro-sity, false pride will do!
You think me dishonest? If that's the best you can do,
You think yourself the best? What am I to you?

But in the end I know, it will all come to pass
Cause I saw the way that you was lookin at mass,
Trying to act like you're better than me,
Because of what you take me to be, you'll see!
Create an evil out of what you see,
When will you see as you were meant to see?
Become the man that you are inside!
Let that fill you with  heavenly pride!

Let the fire take you to the top,
Getting higher now don't stop!
Keep going don't flop,
head first on the floor!
Look up now at the man, don't attack,
His paint isn't white or even black,
Now you understand we are all a match
If you understand my meaning my catch!


Now it's said and done, it's all on the mend,
Don't look into the past, don't try to blend
What you've earned, repented in the present
Try not to pretend, you aren't some peasant.
Remember that you did this, don't forget!
Don't say this didn't happen, cause I bet,
That when you are at peace at last
You'll wake from a dream now long past!


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