Friday, March 30, 2012

Shades of Truth

ENTER KREL: AUSTEN stands above the outline of a dead body now vanished.

KREL:      How now my friend?

AUSTEN: Shall you be calling me
                  By a title that is no longer yours?

KREL:      You do believe then in the rumors spread
                  By Mischievous Fink, I warrant so.

AUSTEN: No. This act of brutality is more
                  Subtle, tame, controlled; the grim assailant  
                  Was under some censure.

KREL:      You think him bought?

AUSTEN: Bought or no he is now gone; and with a curse
                   I am sure, for the damage is done now.

KREL:       You think that you know him?

AUSTEN: Perhaps, possibly.
                   I do admit myself curious, for
                   The tracks did bear a resemblance to our
                   Once friend John; and this, look upon this Krel,
                   A glove, it bears the same pattern as
                   We did see when last we all met, in France. 
                   A glove left behind in dreaded cold wind
                   Such as we experience suggests flight.

KREL:       True, but, he might be a mere witness, friend.

AUSTEN:  Do not call me that again, you contend
                   With me for all that I do hold dear, and
                   At one point for the one that is now dead.
                   Her body lay so close, where you now stand.

KREL:       You may as well blame the car that drove her
                   To this place, but it would do you no good!
                   She is gone! Left without a word of love...

AUSTEN: You should be the more sad brow for this act
                  Than I if you loved her, as she did claim.

KREL:       She spoke to you?

AUSTEN: Yes. And more. She told me of your discourse
                  With John some four nights ago.

KREL:       Did she now?
                   Well, I admit, yes, I was there, John too.
                   I entered in on their discourse, not mine.
                   She told you differently, didnt she?
                   I am not surprised. You would not have so
                   Approved, just as I, of her actions here.
AUSTEN: You may as well spell words in the wind
                   For all the good that your speaking does. Speak
                   More plainly of it.

KREL:       What have you heard?

                  You tell me of what transpired here, Krel.

KREL:       If it will appease your temper I shall.
                   You might be unhappy with me after,
                   But for the sake of our friendship I'll tell
                   You in blunt words the whole affair I saw.
                   I came here that evening, as she might have
                   Told you, for a trinket I had forgot.
                   She did not answer, and I considered
                   That perhaps I had better return some
                   Other time, but, what caught my attention
                   As I stepped back suggested otherwise.
                   The door was slightly ajar. I entered,
                   You may not like it, but I entered still,
                    I was curious to what carelessness
                   Could lead your sister to such a mistake
                   At the dark of night, and in these, unpleasant
                   Parts. I had only gone a few paces
                   When I heard the racket from the back. I
                   Paused. But as the din grew louder still, I
                   Became worried that she might be harmed. So,
                   I hurried to her door, opened it, and
                   Found John and her at opposite corners
                   Of the room. Before I could assess the,
                   Situation, or the delicacy
                   Of the matter I had to duck, else be
                   Cannon fodder for the Illiad's frame.
                   Then, John spoke, if you call expletives with
                   Four letters speaking. He was furious
                   With her, the reason sill a mystery
                   I admit, I could barely understand
                   His meaning because she in turn threw such
                   Heavy objects his way that they made dents
                   In the wall, you probably saw them friend.
                   But, since I try your patience, I'll say on. She
                   Saw me before he did, and he noticed
                   Her turn, spied me as some rat fink that was
                   Here for her bed, and charged at my person.
                   You may laugh at this, but it's all true! I swear!
                   He was in such fury that, I, somewhat,
                   Afraid, that is to say of what he'd do
                   To me if he got to me, and so I
                   Decided to run, but, before I--

                  You have satisfied me with your story.
                  She told me as much.

KREL:      Then you know that I had no ill intents
                  Towards her? After the affair I had
                  Even offered to take her to my home.
                  Where I thought she'd be safer from him.


KREL:       Then, you'll quit your suspicions of me?

                   I will let my imaginations run;
                   Like wild fire, uncontrolled, at dusk!
                   So they may consume the night with such sight
                   That they must be attended to with speed,
                   Lest my imaginings destroy innocents.

KREL:      I did not have nor would have had any
                  Cause to harm her so.

AUSTEN: I, am not so sure.
                  So far only John's glove is found, and you
                  Are clear of suspicion unimagined.
                  But regardless, I shall uphold John in
                  Court as soon as I can find him.

KREL:      My friend,
                  Surely he will decry such an object
                  As mere supposition, not enough to
                  Be tried at court.

AUSTEN: Then know this, enemy;
                  His deprecation's will not be enough
                  To give me reason for disparage, no.
                  I shall exploit his every weakness, yea,
                  And shall hurauge the courts that they shall
                  Have no choice but to proceed into trial.

KREL:       I do not doubt that your reasons are just,
                  But have you no thought for the harm that will
                  Come of this? You could impair your own state,
                  You are but a shell of your former self,
                  And trial as this might give him cause
                  To return in the dead of night.

AUSTEN: You jest,
                  Him bold, to injure me, any way, Ha!
                  I would be more likely jeer at him
                  And he the more likely to stay away;
                  Lest he should knock on memories too harsh
                  For his thoughts!

KREL:      Your libel did great mischief.
                  If you had but thought them through, perhaps now,
                  He would not have so carried out this act
                  Of malgin, would not have mistreated your
                  Kin; as it stands, she that does lie here, so
                  Cold to our touch, might not have needed to
                  Withstand his subtle vindication. Yet,
                  Now she is dead, manhandled by your lies.

AUSTEN: I have called you friend once, enemy now;
                  Do not give me more cause to mar the past.

KREL:      Would you so misapply my person, my
                  Reputation and more, because you could
                  Not stomach the truth? Repeat your mistake
                  If you must, but consider, molester,
                  That by such objurgation of me, as
                  You do seem to imply, you will bring down
                  Such persecution upon your head that
                  You shall partake in the very same shame
                  That you do place upon he that did this
                  Heinous act!

AUSTEN: Revile me if you will, as I am
                  Only too worthy of the title you
                  Do heap upon my head, but know this, Krel;
                  If you interfere with my designs or
                  With the proceedings of court I shall soon
                  Embark upon, I will make bold of my
                  Threats, as I did to he that is now fled.
                  Consider then, the weight of your fair words
                 Against the depth of my cruel designs.
                 Though I be in truth what you say I am,
                 You may, as he does, feel but a mere sham.
                 Now, my threats made, my hunt about to start,
                 I bid you well, but warn you as we part,
                 That I shall be watching for you; upstart!


KREL:      Fare you well, molester of women. So,
                  You think that you can with all of your words
                  Threaten me? You have yet to taste cunning,
                  Have yet to feel what it means to be cut
                  To the bone by words of steel. For shall he,
                  That did make so bold with his threatening,
                  Be so satisfied in his rude affront?
                  No, I'll find another way, more subtle,
                  As I have already employed through John.
                  But I know that as I speak these words you
                  Who have heard them shall bear my secret in
                  The quiet of your mind, so as to see
                  The conclusion of this mystery . Do,
                  Though, if you have some merit in your heart,
                  Try to stop what is to come, do your part.
                  This girl was but a tart, her brother vile,
                  Now shall I make him seem so infantile.

SHADES OF TRUTH, a Scene by Luke Bennette, (C) March 2012

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