Thursday, March 29, 2012

Scare Crow Tactics

Shall I describe this dreaded one to you?

Yes, I shall, though you may seek to hide

Your face from such images it shall do

Well to inspire you  to flee mortal, fell

Beast as this is causes such dread that with

Or without the greatest light inside, you

May still shake and quake. Trust in your hope friend.

His eyes, first those, that do hold you fast, should

You have no peace of mind, darkness inside

Those eyes of wooden pine, they see naught at

All, yet appall heart and soul with dreaded blight.

So with his eyes will he look into yours,

With rhymes black as fright he will turn your sight

Into the darkest black, the blackest night.

His head a shadow, not invisible,

Though what else may you take for a shadow?

Rather it shifts about, the mast at sea,

Under great duress does so mimic his grace;

For uncontrollable is the wind that

Is upon him, that is dreaded sin.

His arms, his hands, his legs his feet, all

Made of bark, but  hollow inside, such is

His body made up, but of wounded pride

That does fall to pieces should you escape

The chills upon the nape of your neck; from

Those eyes of wood, and from his emptiness.

Now for his torso, tis such a strange sight;

For this is the key to his devilish might.

Made from smoke and fire, that does course through

An empty shell, makes him look like such a cad!

An empty scarecrow would be like this lad!

Yet I must warn you of that within, for

Tis lacking a heart, all consumed by sin.

So now you see but for his dreaded sight,

This scarecrow, this tin man, this lion's shell,

Would be mere powder and dust, but from hell

He does come to gather his fee, and like

Job we do find ourselves, at the mercy

Of his hated and injurious grasp.

So what is the key of victory then,

By which we enter into heaven's keep?

How can we defeat such rotten tin men,

Outsmart cads without an ounce of brains,

And defeat empty exterior shell

That does cry out danger to us? This way!

Do not look into his eyes, for there you

Will learn to despise what is truly good.

Act instead with a heart, since you have one,

Use your brains fool! For he lacks common sense.

Proclaim to all exactly what you are,

So that you may be humble and go far.

Now for the last and final step to take.

Let your heart be broken by those you see,

Lest you keep it locked inside your pantry

To be nibbled upon by mice and bugs.

Show the world that you have a heart to give,

That you have brains inside of you, and live

Your life outside what is in; do not lie.

This is the greatest of paradoxes .

That we should live inside out with foxes.

Scare Crow Tactics, (C) By Luke Bennette, March 2012

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