Monday, March 26, 2012

The Servant's Mistake

The question that lays before you, do I

Act or do I not? The hope that preys on

Your mind, opens imaginations door,

Consumes you with the all powerful

"What if?", makes you tremble at the thought

Of success. Yet these feelings of kingly

Might are dashed to pieces by ignorance.

Now looking down you see below all that

Had once been a part of so great a work,

Now drifting debris, destroyed by some jerk,

A monster, a cruel fiend that dashed your

Happy dreams; for such are men when they do

See the success you hold, and demand their

Fee, make bold with you as jesters do act

their parts. But they do not act for your sake,

As jesters do for a king; kingly fools remind

Those in royalty of their position,

Keeping their lords mind on frailty, like

Conscience grew two feet and walked about,

Like Moliere whose feat was to make men

Laugh at their own folly. These men are not

Honorable as their idols past, but

With cunning they do last to see the days

Lengthen, loose their hours once more, and so

Transfuse your wealth to theirs by some token

Unused by true men of the trade. Yet you

Use this same sad token, though I warned you

That to do so is the ruin of all

Of your hopes and dreams; for foxes find hens

No matter the time of day, and you to

Have been found wanting, have so lost your say

By trusting foul fowl festering In the

Fallow down south. And there they have gone, now

With all that you once held as yours, treasures

Untold; all your pearls cast down before

Swine have been lost. Such is the cost of your

Fine ignorance. Now the feeling has changed

From excitement to defeat; one must learn

If he is ever to beat the world at

Its own game of deceit. Now to it squire,

Study hard; for the master of the house

Will soon draw near. Shall he find you in such

Fear, that you have squandered not only the

Money but also the time? So now boy,

Quickly make up rhymes to placate him, so

That he may understand your sorrow and

So not reprimand you for your losses.

Then when mercy is had, and not ill spent,

Try once again with better intent to

Overcome the mistakes of your past. Try

Harder this time, make memories to last.

The Servant's Mistake, (C) Luke Bennette, March 26th, 2012

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