Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lover's Love's

To my very dear friend, who made this poem possible through witty and playful banters talk. I thank you very much, and so I hope you will not mock me when I say that this poem is yours to do with as you may.

Don't try so hard, relax! With time and

Some patience you shall glean her heart;

Use no petty ax to gain entrance, by no

Means is that true love's affection. But here,

Observe if you will, one simple trick; clear

Your mind first of all things, then if you have

Some nerve, think of what love brings. Consider her

In all of her fire, not gaping lust

My boy; of that you will tire. Now see

Her as she stands before you now;

Look first to her form, her shape and then bow;

To show her respect, for this will be how

You catch your fee. Stand firm if she but look

Away, for if she loves you back she'll catch hook;

For a Lover's eyes do shine with desire

With the sight of modesty. Now look up,

Observe her well, I charge you bid her not

Into hell with your flirtatious manner, but

Instead with mild motions akin to

The swishing of tails move towards her, and

If you've done well expect no reprimand.

Now introductions, for you've caught her sight;

Don't try to hard now, as much as you might

Desire to speak directly to her

Remember this first and foremost.  You must

Speak less, and let her speak more; gain her trust,

Don't jest with her words before you've become

Quite antiquated, not like chums who first meet

On any old dumb dusty dank dark street!

Act with charm and grace, an elegant feat

For ladies who've seen nothing in men but

Wild brutality; and many a man

Has lost his glee when he did demand

 For a lovers fee. Now that you know her

Continue this vein; observe if you will

All her marks, her song, the beauteous strain

Of her affectionate eyes that keep yours

Held in her gaze. Look deeply in do not

Be so amazed if her hands start to her

Hair, twisting about as though she were caught in

Some snare. Make her feel at ease, tear caution

Asunder by making mistakes, start to

Blunder with your words, do not cart so much

Folly about for to long, but show her

Enough that she see's you along the way;

Let her understand how much you must pay

In a most humble affectionate way;

Then if she thank you for your show, ask her

If she may honor you more. Walk her home

To her door; do not as some would do kiss

Her, but abhor such early tender shows.

Rather to the end act like gentlemen,

Who do so tend to garner themselves in

All the knowledge that she gives to them through

Out the coming days, months and years. Then when

You know that her loves may be upheld by

You, make bold to ask of her loving hand

Through marriage! Do not join those foolish bands

Of lovers to numerous to count; who

Follow a wide and open gate, bounties

They take of each other until the end.

Rather instead teach her to love you that

You may become the greatest of her loves.

For Lovers Loves are greatest of them all.

Lover's Loves, (c) Luke Bennette

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