Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thoughts Untouched

A song, what song is this inside my head?

The thought was there upon my mind, so faint;

No sooner did I turn my head but gone,

Vanished in the cascade of a million

like it, without the slightest trace of sound.

If words could sound out their meaning, Oh how

I'd be hot upon them; like steeds of fire,

Pursuing their foes until their last breath

Dies; their passion dissipates to nothing.

Shall it be this way for all my days? Why?

Shall I wander in? Out of passageways?

Searching? Calling for he that answers not?

When shall I turn myself round, look behind,

To see what I have found, not in the mind

But in front of my waking eyes! Behold!

Some Miracle at last! Wonder of old!

He begs my attention, and so as fast

As my legs carry me I chase his voice

Outside; I am close, like a man so near his joy

That tears begin to brim at his eyes! Oh

How I long for it! Yet near the entrance

I stop, for seeing light beyond, the fence

I never crossed, causes me much distress,

Makes me doubt I heard such a voice at all,

And prompts me turn my back again, once more,

Lest I should stumble forward blind, and fall

Upon my face humiliated for

All of those that I left behind to see.

Such a fear takes hold of me that they,

Unbidden will come forward, cry holla,

And bring shame to my name, cry "thou fool!"

But for the thought that someone answer me,

My cries for help, perhaps I'd take this chance.

Perhaps I'd turn my head once more and try,

Open myself to such life once more, fly

through that rocky curtain into the light

That I so adore, and with vigorous

energy strong as the ocean, wavelike

Motions, fling my hands over my head as

High as the sky itself! Yet no sooner

Do I think it is it gone, and I left alone,

Once more inside the cave I so abhor.

Chasing down phantoms untold in the dark,

The bitterness and cold brushing past mark

My face in many ways. Shall I stay here,

Until the end of all days? I hope not,

And so I pray, for an end to my pain,

That my suffering may not stay, be gone

From this place and once again play my song,

That song I heard so long ago; with pride

I'd sing it again, but for fear I hide.

May that voice send another, bring me out

With one who has come before. That I, who

Like a sheep cornered by wolves may walk once

More from the cave and into the light. This

Is our hope and our prayer, from darkness

Unto light, for which we all truly fight.

That we may overcome the pride of night

And so enter past our need to be right.

Thoughts Untouched (c) By Luke R. A. Bennette

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