Thursday, March 29, 2012


Forgive me father for I have sinned, and
In this capacity. That I abjure
From the sacraments day and night, that I
Do so abolish my self as I am
For a new evil, that I did find in
My heart; I did seek to annihilate
Those that would keep me fettered in chains of
Iron, destroy not only their person
But all those that are connected to them.
Bless me father for I have now told lies,
I do so dismiss these sins confessed
As they are not yet come to pass in time,
Have not yet been accepted into that
Book that eradicates those occurrences
That were so harmful to the winner's cause
From existence, that makes null our hopes,
Denies to the looser his human dreams
Of liberty and justice. By a bridge
Of illuminated light have I so
been led, to condense what I know, as though
Facts were mixed into mere fiction, have so
Encased my instincts within the bitter
Lies that I took for truth! Oh dear father,
Absolve me from these future sins that I
Must, for the good of our people, commit!
Give courage of God that I may acquit
Myself without pain of death on my soul!
For such is my task, that I must clear all
Who with such vile intentions discharge
From service the very act of reason.
Let me be that exemption father, let
Me exonerate those that do fight for
Liberty and Justice, forgive them their
Offenses most foul and rank, that we
Might liberate our fair home and state; give
Me pardon for future acts, dear father!

Purge yourself of such desires my son!
Do you not know that vengeance is Gods? Then,
Why do you seek such purification
For such heinous acts as these you do
Admit yourself willing to commit? Do
You seek the redemption that is his
For yourself alone? For those that do act
True to the cause of his cross, were released
By his most sorrowful dead? My son, be
Vindicated; you seek vindication
By all the wrong means! They will so consume
Your troubled soul for a thousand years to come,
Generations untold shall not digest,
Shall merely envelop understanding
Without making it their own. When they do
Incorporate in the book of history
Your acts, they shall use them in due process
As the very means of destroying faith!
Such abuse of reason for reasons sake
Will cause the powers of the world to strike
At us without mercy, to assail our
Cause with all the attacks they can muster!
My son, I must berate you, for designs
Such as this will cause only harm to us.
Do not employ that which you do so hate,
For it will cause a blemish, no mistake!

An Untitled Play, Scene: Confession, (C) Luke Bennette, March 2012

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