Friday, March 30, 2012

Dreaming up Reality

Held by my own fantasies of true love
I must call upon sleep from up above!
For my head runs through her images fair,
And my heart throbs without so much a care
For the sleep that my body craves, and needs.
And so I think on other things, that they
May blot out the essence of her statue.
These are but a few things that I thought on
While I waited for love's hand to be gone.

While I lie here I have waking dreams that
Cause me to fly, or so it seems; for cats
Seem evil, but no one has proved it, yet!

While I sit here I have strange day dreams that
Would seem to be writ, or so it would seem;
Are daydreams original in my mind?

While I stand there, I have odd thoughts, that my
Wife is fair, or so she would seem. Don't all
Men think their wife the fairest in the land?

While I jump this tree, I feel quite free! But
When I bump my head I curse instead. For
All good things will come to pass in due time.

While I watch you, everything clicks! But
Then I botch it all, I failed to mix.
It all seems so easy until I try.

When I look up from my book, you stare, as
Though my thoughts took from your beauty. Do thoughts
Not have some impact upon others being?

When I'm at home, I wish myself alone,
And I pat myself on the back; don't we
All find ourselves good, and good to look at?

When I take five, I thank God I'm alive!
And I make a prayer or two; it may
Be the last five I get, wouldn't you too?

Now that I'm asleep, I take a beat, to
Be sure that I'm really awake; what's more
Real? Life or a dream? Or does it seem?

Now all is done, and I have become my
Calling, every bit of my poem writ; so
Goodbye, I'll kiss dreaming skies; should I
Find myself thinking of nothing, a blessing
Will I heap upon whatever soul did
Leap to take away my discontented part.
Without it I am free to sleep at last,
Leave alone the, future, present, and past.

Dreaming Up Reality, (C) Luke Bennette, March 2012

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