Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wretched Imitation

I do not know what you are about boy,

But I would appreciate less looks from you.

Do not with all of your childlike acts

Convince me of anything other than

Your manipulating schemes. I know that

When a young man like yourself starts

To feel cast aside that he craves another

To show him true pride; someone that he can

Imitate, someone who will show him the

True gate. Well I am not that man says I!

So go away, find somewhere else to cry!

I lost my father when I was young too,

So don't act like I'm any better than you!

If you continue to follow me every day,

I'll find some where to put you, rest assured

That it will not be to your liking. You

Will most surely despise it, an orphan

Like yourself is often full of it! So

Unless you want a night in the brig, or

To sleep in an orphanage like some pig

Awaiting his execution through such

Tedious adoption as can truly

Benefit those that adopt, I suggest

That you leave me in peace, go on now! I

Mean it, trot trot! The rest of you may

With mean glances bray at me that I

Am nothing more than a mean miserly

Fellow, but what have you done I ask

That merits such judgment, what task do you

Boast of so meritorious of sainthood? How

Do you train your child in boyhood? If

You think you are better than I, then go,

Talk to the lad as I espy he is looking

For a family of ten. I am one,

And so not for him. The strangest of things

That boys should seek to imitate those men

That are not humble or meek. What rot!

Wretched Imitation, (C) Luke Bennette

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