Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dentists Bane

Driving up the lane to their cursed lair,
I cannot help but shiver, unprepared.
As weasels slip into my home for tea
And make a mess of things quite merrily
So too do I find the door to my mind
Not shut against fears, reminders of time.
I clench my soon aching teeth, to stop thief's
Mad biting damage, to find sweet relief!
Yet this moment finds great weapon so fierce
That has caused me some happy smile; for worse
Moments have fallen to me before this,
And now I have mighty weapon of bliss!
So as I walk into their lair renewed,
I sit in the awkward chair, marble hued.
Look into the light as I feel a sting,
And the smile of delight, that cresent ring,
That bobs just out of sight behind their masks
Of blue, white--do me a favor, don't ask!
So now as I hear the sound of a drill
I sit in silence, just chill as a pill.
For in my hand I have something light weight
Humorous to think of, delightful state.
But you would say it's serious work to
Pray the rosary, a decade or two.
Strange enough, it seems to me so, quite fun
To sit in silence in their lair, till done.
So now I finish, again all is well.
I have made it through this dread seat of hell!
My mind now at peace I may begin tell
Of the wondrous peace, this great old belle...

                                                        Dentist's Bane, (c) Luke Bennette, April 2012

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