Sunday, April 15, 2012

Indubitable Character

Reflect inward spirit, make well by time,
Nurture faith with music, and well made rhymes.
Forget the face seen once long ago,
Haunts your mind and will not let you go.
Forgo the hopes and dreams of others if
They will not give you peace, your spirits lift!
Return your sight to it's prior state, where
You may renew and so contemplate rare,
Oh rare, time immemorial so vast.
Know true judgment throughout the long past. And
Show the world once again who you were then;
At the breaking of time: your mothers den.
Sleep now in peace of mind my dearest son,
An artist you were, and are, you are one.

                                  Indubitable Character, (c) Luke Bennette, April 2012

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