Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Great Expanse

Racing along on this vast brick-less track
That extends from here to there in a wrack
Of potholes, with other bumps and bruises
Lining the way, I conjure excuses
In the bowels of my mind; so as to
Avoid any reprimand on my way home. Who
Would have thought that this endless expanse,
This never ending line of cars, advance
Of civilization in the great wild
Nothingness, would get you and me so riled
With frustration! Yet still we drive, our minds
Bent on our destination: keep the blinds
Of our eyes from shutting out the great light
From Sunset; charging along into night....

Blast the speakers and wake the dead, for else
You shall surely fall to sleep and join them
As you careen through the space of hell's light,
That fleeting party of weightless boys, men,
Girls, and women all; who travel on by
Night to return to the place they belong.
So play the night away, and if the sky
Is dry enough open the windows; wrong
Is it to keep in place that which stops fast
Where whats inside fails to comply to laws
Firmly fixed in place from the dawn of time.
Is it worth avoiding the clocks old chime?
And wherefore should you travel at this pace
That even hounds could not match why this race?

Extend your hand through the air that speeds by
And ask yourself again the question of
Why: leave all thoughts of when and where, be spry
As a tree that takes in water thereof
Solving the need for sustenance; though much
Of the outcome will depend on your hopes.
Now ask yourself why you would move so fast,
Would careen a space as wide and as vast
As the world it round, yet only three touches
Of the hour hand, a knot on a rope
That takes up but a portion of the lot:
Ask yourself what it is that you have bought.
So in knowledge may you find your reward
For cheating death in Chevy Truck or Ford.... 

                                            The Great Expanse, (c) Luke Bennette, April 2012

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