Monday, April 30, 2012

The Emissary

Tis not that you bite your nails that causes you 
To post, but that you'd go half mad before 
The boast of Winter's blighting hand made true 
Coast-land's a mere of ice, a waste of hoar
Frost and snow. Therefore you must know that mere 
Madness is not the answer to your grief, 
But a desire to share you mad belief. 
Desire combined with maddening guilt is 
That which causes the flower to wilt. This
Were the end of the intellects design, but 
Hidden in the shoot is a seedling! What
Spring that grows up, an eagle that takes wing 
From his nest in the sky! So youthful being
Is depicted as spry. Understand then, 
You may not like it, but as a snakes Hiss,
Needed to warn the innocent small prey
That crawls the forest floor and could not pray 
For lack of intelligence, the madness 
That itches our mind is necessary; 
For we are all wisdom's emissary.

                                     The Emissary, (c) Luke Bennette, April 2012

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