Sunday, April 22, 2012

Love Reconciled

You question me with little advance so that
I cannot help but think this old trance is but
A distraction to the thing you blind bats
Are trying to accomplish! And yet what
Is that which compels woman to be
Bold with her sex with such fiery display,
Reveal, without warning, the charm of her
Body in all it's curves and whistles? Days
May come and go where I am tried, and were
I tried every day I should still be lame,
Upon my word! For rough men cannot tame
This brazen heard of feminine beauty
Turned stale; this blaze, this fiery cutey
That without shame does flaunt the booty of
Her treasure, pirates gold, in her sweet glove.
But still your questions are unanswered, and
I, unwilling to commit till I know
Full certain of your intentions at hand,
Do stutter uncontrollably; for shows
Such as you give are likely for the men
Of war that do sit for years in their woes,
And have not the time for woman's passion.
Yet as I question you in turn, you shy
Away as though I burned you in the sky
Of Love; that globe on ceilings, sparkling eye,
That does make light upon the floor of mine
Estate inside, no more holds me captive
As I stare into the depths of your face:
As I do look in vein for guilt faint trace.
Then turning too and fro you do sway, as
Branches caught in a storm, or a bay chalk
Full of baggy wrinkles upon the deep
Ocean blue; I see now in you what has
Been there all along: faintly glimpse its seat
Of power near your trembling heart that walks
Alone in the depths of night forever.
Now have I guessed the reason for woman's
Need to sell herself, body and soul, her
Bleeding heart abandoned by all the men;
An island of beauty, trapped in the fen. 
Thus, before I am even aware, my
Hand begins to extend in friendship, my
Heart extended with it in loving, my
Mind put forth to join your sorrow, and my
Soul sent out that you may borrow from me
Courage, compassion; love's forgiving fee.

So that is the start of a love betwixt
Both of our sorrowing hearts; we did mix
That night in the gladness of others joy.
You, your wiles, at first did think to sink
A fine fee from this man with golden sinks.
Yet I did of you seek out the truth, toy
As you did with my mind; so uncouth were 
Were your advances that I at first  did
Not think I should win your heart! Singing bird
Though you are when freedom allows it, hid
Deep within your heart you do house it. So
Come away with me my love, and live, last!
Let go of the sorrows and pains now past.
For love is not love where love never meets
The pains and the sorrows of sweethearts feats.

                                      Love Reconciled, (c) Luke Bennette, April 2012

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