Friday, April 20, 2012

Man and Woman

I sit in silence as I cry,
For you did go, you passed me by.
Now upon the shores I do sigh.
I ask myself again, O! why?

I watched your stallion descend
The fairest hills in Christendom.
I watched you go around the bend;
Never return this way to come!

For when your sight vanished from here,
At first I was full of fright, fear
Was the maker of my intents,
The clear maker of woeful dents!

So go your way as I sit on,
Never sing again to me, gone
Are your charms, my flustered heart no
Longer committed to your bow!

For brave you were upon the heights,
Great dashing boots and even tights!
And though some men should not wear these,
They became your grace as leaves trees!

Yet even as I remember,
I watch the clouds of December
Roll over my golden head. So,
The weather must match with such snow,
flakes of dreaded cold will but throw
Me into a deeper despair.
My knight is gone, he does not care
That I did love him with passion,
Left untimely, out of fashion! 

Yet even as I muse upon these,
These thoughts that do not, cannot please,
Dear father, you dropped to you knees,
Begged me to come inside; not freeze.

I asked him, why should Man intend
And then go beyond snowy bend?
Why propose such happy future,
When he leaves me so much unsure
Of the love he carries me? Were
He more the gentleman his pure
Heated love would move him to stir
His heart with roses of red hue;
Such a sign he would imbue me,
That I may have seen his love free
From all harnesses of fair state!
Yet his love seems so second rate...

My father smiles at my anger
Towards the man, this most fair ranger,
Whom did arrive some time ago;
A twinkle in his eyes says woe
To the man who behaves as he
That left Castle without loves fee.
For when he returns he'll have fights
More fierce than battles on the heights!
Know then my daughter, he then said,
That you may fight later, to bed!
Your head is cold and body too,
Come inside and I shall you brew
A father's advice; me to you!
For you are my daughter, my Sue!

Standing in silence I think him blind,
That he cannot understand my mind,
But perhaps he knows more than men do,
For fathers often usually do.

So as we walk under the snow,
I tell him my heart and my woes,
Until the cold has got my toes
In bitten cold and overthrows. 

We get inside, he gives me tea,
Tells me about reality;
That men forget women for sea,
For that love is lost, loves set free.

Yet freedom they obtain not, no.
For they are but shy of a bow
That binds them together in tow,
The one and to the other, such woe!

So taking me by hand he says,
You must of him demand, must press
Him to make his love for you known.
Force him to change, growth shall be shown.

As he walks away from me then
I remember our loves, the den
Of beauty we made for ourselves,
Where we thought to forever dwell.
That silent ranger, lover grim!
O, his brow did often glimmer
In the light of the moon, shimmer
As though a crescent moon. Winner
Of my heart, for he made me swoon.

Yet all of this is passed, he left
Me without a word for his quest!
So when he returns I'll do best
To make his life weary, no rest
Shall I help him to have until
I get my answer from him, fill
My heart and soul with surety
That we always were, are to be!

So cry away sad and fair maid,
This game over centuries played
Has left many lovers dismayed!
But you shall find your way waylaid,
He too in turn shall make a raid
Upon your heart, to know what's there.
Wishing to know if inside fair
Maiden is also just as fair!
Do not let him catch unaware
Your scheming hand, do not tear
The corners of your plans. For where
There is distrust you must clear air!
Both of you must change and prepare
To speak your hearts out as you stare
Into silent eyes; O so bare.

Yet all of this is not so rare.
Men and women have many cares.
Selfishness and vice many snares,
To catch their weary toes and hairs!

The message in the end? Work out
Your problems together, don't pout!
So man and woman have their love
Put in order from up above.

                                         Man and Woman

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