Thursday, April 19, 2012

Heart Mind Body and Soul

Fly, fly! For the mind does run apace with
Greater speed than the heart can keep, cannot
Match the hare's bounding feet that do forthwith
Act at the behest of his troubled heart!
So shall you find him far ahead if not
Soon followed by you he is. Bed's marked well
By the sleepy eyes as they are passed by,
For no rest shall you have if you seek tell
Of the bounding hare you seek! Mind's fly
Over hill valley and dale as in dreams,
Faster than even the greatest of kings
Do command their servants for food and drink!
Then know, press on! Your doom is at the brink!
Made slow be a mere chance of the clocks link
That was severed ever long ago, sinks
Now from the depths of forgotten lands old,
To return to the forefront of men bold.

Now fly! Fly! For you cannot reach him yet
By standing upon the feelers of your
Hearts desires, which is all so beset
By calamity and woe, fear's great chores
Set upon you like wild dogs to make the
Heart scatter before them as a fire drake
Does melt the Forrest with a single la!
A heartfelt tune from men, but he forsakes
Such tunes when he causes everything in
His path to turn to dust, the aftermath.
So if you do not act now or sooner still
You shall soon wish you had, oh yes you will!
For standing here you shall soon see naught
Of the fast mind, the hare, he whom you naught
In the dells of your dreams and fantasies.
Now go, fly! Go now boy! And quickly please!

But coming to your senses you cannot
Move, are so wound up in fate, and thus caught
By such delays as these described by we
Who do sing the song now sung merrily,
You have only one hope to reunite
What was once one, now three, by end of night.
So reach out to your mind by God's precious
Gift of the soul, that which remains in you,
That you may take flight and loose control; true
Flight is achieved when soul knows no bounds, breeds
Excellency greater than found in hounds!
Now do the same to reclaim your scared heart,
Bring them together, that they may not part!
Now return each one to the source, body,
And become three in one at last, you see?

                                                           Heart, Mind, Body and Soul, (c) Luke Bennette, April 2012

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