Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Constrain yourself to the depths of the sea
If you cannot contain your rage and be
Calm in the face of the storm at nightfall;
So now, go! And listen for me, my call
Shall hail to you down bellow in the deep;
Wait until you hear bellowing and reap
The rewards of patience and gentle hand.
Yet tarry not to long in the deep once
Heard you my lively song above. Pounce fast,
Make the hours minutes and seconds last
Until the end of my shrilly made cry;
So then shall you succeed and not die. Past
Tell of this I cannot help you further;
Do as I ask though you hear the murmur 
Of discontent that is born from hates rage,
Go now, be content, as the knights small page
That fetches his sword at the beck and call
Of the knights deep voice; go now to your hall
In the deeps of the ocean, the great blue.
Go now in peace, for I shall soon see you
Rise up again on crescent waves of light
That match the crescent moon we have tonight. 
But for all of this to come true, to pass,
You must obey, and listen! In the mass
Confusion that is your mind, every task
Becomes illusion. In kind so shall all
Things be for you in your current fall. O
Were it not for the original fall
There would be no need for my current call!
Yet I dwell to long on memories gone,
As merry as a lamb or dancing fawn!
So shall I reiterate what I've said,
Go now, to the deep, go to bed. And I
Shall keep watch that you may in vein not try
To fight the fight to soon. Patience is key!
No go. My son. Come forth in victory!

                                                     Obedience, (c) Luke Bennette, April 2012

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