Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mother Church

Darkest night can't see through,
Dreaded plight, can't see who!
Hatred's cloak, a blood hue,
Makes a stain, evil brew!

Touch of beauty in she
That drives the storm from we,
Darkness fades from the light,
Blue and gold is her sight!

Harrows old as deaths hand,
Greatest fear, contraband,
Red light of vilest strand
Now fights the light, last stand!

Hint of light never seen,
Brightest light with white gleam,
Safest night drawn from dreams,
Great I Am who redeems!

Cruel wood and iron teeth
Cause him pain underneath,
Gives her sorrow and grief,
Death's laughter, demon thief!

And in the summer's heat,
Drips red and white his feat,
Thousand drops, finest wheat,
Death's black tongue tastes defeat!

Death now freed from evil,
Is sister death, free to till
The everlasting will
Of he who rose, reigns still!

Anguish, flames hot and red,
Now sing evil to bed,
Makes him wish himself dead,
Now becomes his own dread!

Fairest light among us
Who did lite upon the dust,
Who broke the windy gust,
Now in you do we trust!

Sing again light the lamps,
Gone are bad circumstance.
Play a fiddle, lets dance!
Our song sprung from the lance.

                             Mother Church, (c) Luke Bennette, April 2012

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