Thursday, April 19, 2012

Witch Hunt


Time doth

Guard your rear!
Hear the sneer
Very clear!

Holds you fast now,
With hands of cold,
Threats bold, made proud,
Tightens its hold!

Fear of a witch hunt,
The burning of runts,
Gifts of ill intent,
All twisted and bent.

Secrets had are gifts now past,
Gone from the light at last,
Darkness made into gas,
Poisonous fumes, alas!

Shadows most fell glisten still,
Hold the mind, the human will,
Drag all creatures on the hill,
Drag from behind window sill!

Fell deeds done in the past nights rays
Glisten still in her deadly gaze,
Secret she thought it, all a maze,
Until at last it woke from haze!

Now lock your doors until nights gone by,
If you don't you'll soon wonder; how why?
Why did I not hide behind that rock?
Now with my secrets they do me mock!

Yet now that hiding is impossible,
My deeds revealed beyond my control,
I shall stand before them, my heart and soul.
Bare witness to me! I am free! made whole!

But listened to my confession, none,
They dragged me about to have some fun,
Called me names most foul and made me run!
Until at last I was spent, I was done.

Ropes of steel carved into my chest,
Made it impossible to rest,
The end of secrets, of my quest,
Secrets did get of me the best!

Tears of cold now wrap my face,
Choking cold and such disgrace!
Removed from me gentle lace,
Treated like a lesser race.

They bring execution,
Not one prosecution,
They have no delusion,
Murder, their solution.

Curtain falls on me,
As water on the sea,
Lights go out as black
Folds prevent sights track!

Sound of an ax,
Domini Pax,
Cannot relax!
Must face the facts.

Death comes now.
Take the bow,
Sweaty brow,
Filthy sow!

Witch hunt,
Mere runt!
Old cunt!
So blunt...


                                         Witch Hunt, (c) Luke Bennette, April 2012

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