Monday, April 9, 2012

Hope and Wait

Weigh down your hearts as you may, you shall
Not find weight that shall stay so long as mal
Deeds for they stick to your soul; as dirt to
The clothes you wear upon a summers blue.
But if you tire of the anchor upon your heart
Than here my message that you tore apart
Upon the day you were delivered it's seal;
Piece it back together that you may heal.
For the thoughts most black and blue that
Attack souls harbor do bring fire, true
To their dark purpose and red, as new born
Roses that do blossom in the summer.
Yet you would never see new comer's bloom
Upon the fair ground which is now so strewn
With blood of the people you abandoned.
So sudden is the onslaught of thought, one
Malcontent after another, that taught
Though you may be you you have bought sundered gifts
Through your knowledge. For the mind may hunger, sift
In and out of books for learning as time
Seeks to bind all mortality to fate,
But it cannot learn understanding; gates
Of the great unknown at intellect's edge
Are shut against your weighty unkept pledge.
Yet as long as you hold hope the doors may be
Opened to your desire. Many more
Shall remain closed to you while you yet stain
Your heart and soul with such weighty refrains.

                                    Hope and Wait, (c) Luke Bennette, April 2012

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