Friday, April 13, 2012

Unyeilding Pride

To think, that you and I were once friends,
How now you think that I do pretend
To act in ignorance of fact, as fiction!
Perhaps it's you who need correction
In the many errors of your ways, perhaps
You are miscalculating your silly maps
And have ended far astray from your goal;
Understandable for a young one, a foal
In the field of your perilous career.

Yet you tell me it is I "my dear" who
Has failed miserably to see the two
Facts of life by which we've been divided;
For you know already and have sided,
Not to be changed for a second by my
Thoughts. Would we not united try
To see things eye to eye, and understand
The differences wherein we'd lost land
By the power of the storm that was made
By our separation of mind? We've played
The game so long perhaps that no longer,
And as the inevitable divide grows stronger
We soon lose all hope of restoring love;

Though strangely, we thought, we'd wove barriers
Strong enough to take any such tide, strove
To make pillars of love that could not shake
No matter the strength of the earthquake, yet
Here we stand, we are held by oath, a bet
Of vows we did once exchange to remain
Faithful to one another; but this bane
Of thought stands between our love like a snake,
A malignant force of nature, no dove
Sent from heaven to seal the love betwixt
Us, but unleavened dough that was unmixed with
Baking powder. So now we no longer
Rise together in mind. So have we turned,
In fetters we do bind our love like spring
That has lost all hope by late winter's being.

Still there is some hope even for the spring
That is belated by the stunt of growth.
So do I hope for us despite the most
Painful ordeal I have yet felt, made
Worse by the love once had, bade
To keep its silence in the hate of such
Scornful denial that the winds
Should have little chance to bait our closed ears.
So now I look into your desperate eyes
In the hope that I may uncover lies
That led us to this estrangement, ties of
Twine to be broken by strong clippers sting;
So would my heart once again beat and sing.

But seeing your eyes I see your probing
Hands do seek the same for me, ennobling
The thoughts and theories inside of your own
Palace of deception, of selfish greed.
Is there a way we can escape? I plead!
Come out of your tower's of selfish rage
That cause you to loose all that is so sage,
Held in the highest esteem by me, deigned
Once by you as the only thing worth love's
Pursuit, love's most fair design, caging glove
Upon the hand that could do anything;
So do I call out, for your sake I sing.

                                                            Unyielding Pride, (c) Luke Bennette, April 2012

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