Friday, April 13, 2012

The Temptress

Long ago I learned to share, lest I fall.
But then thought to forbear loves call.
For when I walked into the world without
I turned my head left and right to spout
The message that I had learned from lips.
But all I saw was exposed thighs and hips,
Scant was the message I was then taught,
Forwent the message I did and was wrought
Into the image that at first I scarcely bought.
Yet in your stare was I so tempted and caught,
For all else left me but your most lovely thought.
And I did not remember what I should ought
To have sealed to my heart's precious lot.
So now by your tempting kiss do I grow hot.

But turn away from such things I choose to do,
For I realize now that I never did love you.
While nature does demand from man woman's
Presence in this land, I choose a new one. 
So now as I turn my head against my will,
I see you smiling at me every more still
Hungry for the love that was between us,
Yet knowing well your gaze is but a fuss
That would pull be back into your custody.
By police upon the road, to be busted,
Rather than to be snared once more in you.
Now turn myself to another who's care
Is more brotherly, and a love I will share
With not one but many hearts that would be true.

                                                                  The Temptress, (c) Luke Bennette, April 2012

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