Monday, April 23, 2012


A piece of string lay between me,
And what I wanted, my lovely fee!
Of golden sheen and pearls hue,
What I wanted, what was my due!

But stepped I too far across that beam
Of light that did stand in-between
My feet and my quarry, not so near,
And shall never possess it, I gravely fear!

What harrowing sounds, do now, come forth!
From walls unbound by beams report;
And I cannot between them lie,
These walls of sound, do me espy.

Forth like hounds, these evil winds
Do sniff me out, and all of my sins,
They Howl and Growl about the place
Until they find me face to face.

Now where to go, oh where to hide?
Shall I suspend my foolish pride?
Can I retreat while still yonder lays
The golden wheat of brightest rays?

But thoughts begin to draw on nigh,
The phantoms of wind, begin to fly,
Straight at me, with unfurled haste,
Will not turn back, not go to waste!

As the furies of Greece of long ago
That were in stories often told,
They chase me down until in woe
I fall to my knees and do make bold...

An old prayer begins to soften
Upon my lips, where I do often
Fly from lashing whips, the coffin
Before me is seen, and I'm a hoppin!

With gentle words, now full of shame,
I sing out a song and bless the name
Of one who is greater than I, in fame,
Who has not worries, not a spot of blame!

Then through the halls comes delight,
A blessed green filled merry sprite!
He chases down the wind of woe
Causes them to run and stub their toe!

Shouts out in a merry voice of glee
Get back! Not a one may touch this fee
His fate is bound with my God and king,
So now be gone you fowl of wing! 

Then looking down upon my form
He laughs out loud, his merry norm!
For he who chases the evil prince
Has no fear, and cannot wince!

Cries speak no more of darkened deeds,
Arise young squire, fulfill your needs,
There lays the pearl of greatest price,
No need to run, this is no heist!

Then with a crackle of glee, he flies,
I watch he merry light till it dies,
Then looking back unto the thing
I find what causes me to sing!

For some do love the girls untold
And with their love they do make bold,
They act in such frivolity,
And marry then with gaiety!

Those who do grow old and wise
With children does their wisdom lie,
For they who bear none to behold
In their image, they are cold.

Yet happy is the man and wife
Who lay to rest their ancient strife,
Do bear their children, prolong their life,
And so avoid divorcement's knife!

But I who once or twice have had
The pleasure of teaching gentle lads,
And pretty girls of bonny lass,
Must now say, that I must pass!

Upon the bed of marriage I
Cannot be found to pass, must die
Unto myself, my body break!
Of finest wheat will I partake!

So reaching down with broken hands
I hear the sound from far of lands,
A promise old does flow from there
And takes my soul at unawares!

Speaks the voice of greatest deeds
Of man that treats the many needs
Of the poor and weary the faint at heart,
The bravest knight, a priest thou art!

And touching there that golden sheaf
Of finest wheat, that golden leaf
From tree's that never in winter fade,
That glow through time as they were bade!

Find strength says he that speaks the Word,
So sweet the sound, as yet unheard
By weary ears that I do hold,
As many waters flow, untold!

Then speaking in that holy place
I genuflect, cover my face,
I say in words of sorrow fell,
Oh Save me Lord from blackest hell!

For I am but a man inside,
Have been throughout the land most wide
An unkind spirit of ill intent,
My soul and mind and heart are bent!

For surely they who do love him
Are better than I who cannot win,
Am but a lowly form of flesh,
Am called but Tom, Tom of Tesh.

And being so I cannot hope
To with my lord's promise elope,
Am bound by stinging heat and rope,
And I can barely in it cope!

Then hearing fast and feelingly
Upon the wind comes a voice of glee,
But tainted is his evil song
And I for one must move along.

Lest staying here I be devoured
By lion's roar, by evil scoured,
I see before mine eyes his shape,
That forms inside, my soul to rape!

Yet sitting there within the cold
Of halls and walls of marbled stone,
I feel Gods grasp and mercies hold,
He speaks to me, you are not alone!

Cries out in strength have no fear!
For I am in need of your works;
Understand to me you are dear,
This job though has little perks.

Of worldly fare there will be none,
And gifts of gold will be but sparse,
I cannot offer to you much fun,
And many languages you must parse!

But if you hold fast to my cloak
Of mercies that by you awoke,
I'll clothe you and your broken hand!
That for my glory you may command.

So standing there with evil's taste
Upon the air, Oh must unchaste!
And raiment of God's glory bound
Upon my head, a thorny crown.

I lift up broken hands then I
Do cry out loud, let evil fly!
For here does the lord abide!
Fly forth thou prince! Far and wide!

But smirking with loathsome sneer,
Does Satan laugh, he fills with fear
My heart, begins to skip a beat
Still holding fast the finest wheat.

Then drawing near in wreathes of flame
He utters out his fearful name,
Cries havoc to my foolish task!
God's loving mercy but a mask!

For underneath those robes of love
Lies blackest deeds, woven of
Hideous night that children frights
That lay in bedrooms, barrow wights!

Drawing forth a cloven soul
Blackest soot of blackest coal,
He speaks of what I comprehend
To be the path that all will wend.

Of sorrow and of deadly peril
Is that which he does so unveil,
Where naught a soul may pause to drink,
Must tread along, and cannot think.

Then drawing close at his behest,
You are mine! You must confess!
By your actions in the past
You shall not in God's glory last!

Thus was I in priestly garb
Unsettled as though a wired barb,
Arrows set with ghastly beam
Of metal streak did in me gleam.

For in my heart pierced open wide
Was seen my soul, I can't abide
To speak of what did happen next!
Lest you should grieve and be perplexed.

Still in this world of ice and cold,
Dominions thrice, demons fold,
There came as though from a stream,
Such thoughts of hope, as rivers team.

As fish that do swim against the current
To find their love, against the torrent
Do give their best and give their all,
To overcome the blackest falls!

Then even there was I aware,
For evil hands I did not care,
I overcame then once for all
The sins now past, what made me fall!

I called out once more, not in vein!
Delightful words from me did stain
That dreaded hand of evil's might
Retracted from the words of light!

Then from the depths of wisdom I
Called forth, as though from the sky,
The blessings of almighty three,
Each One were One, yet unity!

And last of all for her defense
Did I seek, as though a fence,
To shelter me from evil tides
And she did I seek by my side.

A host of merry sprites all came,
They hearkened to my calling game,
Not servants of mine, all untamed,
My God I did not there profane. 

For I who have the strength of He
That gives life for life that it may be,
Cannot with words or actions do
As Kings and Queens command of you.

A servant is he who holds the sheaf,
The gift of finest gold and wheat.
And now my tale is almost done,
The forces of God have almost won.

They drive the Blagard from my sight!
He falls in stature and in height,
He fades into the floor untouched,
Stares back and me, You better hush!

For I'll be back with more than this,
In the night I'll give blackened kiss,
Haunt your dreams and all affairs
I'll see you drown, with nonwhite hairs! 

Then from the floor is not a sound,
The merry sprites wind up and down,
They sing a song of glory be,
And off they go to the gleaming sea!

But though at hand does fear still lie
Within my heart, causes me to cry,
Will I be ever free from he
Who calls me out on sin's old fee?

Or shall I walk from shore to shore
And fade in trust forevermore?
Can I give my heart without
The Saint in me putting up a bout?

So here we see the struggle seen
By what is yet to come, and what has been.
We understand that Saints but push
Until the end through every bush!

Now I who have been justified
Now do the tides of glory ride
And through the doors I hold aloft
As gold in hay found in a loft,

That gentle gleaming wheat, that grain
That first did seem to me pure gold,
Now give I it to all insane
That all who slave may not be sold.

In peace of heart may they all rest,
To end their days, finish their quest,
This then is my life, the best,
Where sunlight rises in the west.

Though farther I may still yet go,
I shall wind down my story slow,
In peace I leave you hearing this,
May you be free of Evil's hiss.

Speak oft of God, his Glory be
Found there in you, and Holy See,
May love and peace abound in thee,
Go forth in love, be now free.

                                        Ongoing.... (c) Luke Bennette, April 2012

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