Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dreams of Regret

Afraid of your gun more than your bark,
I find myself caught, as though a lark.
Your eyes pierce through my skull to the bone,
Still they cannot see though my mind thrown
Into a flurry of words, "uh oh!"
What you ask for is more than I know!
My mind is caught in the dreadful web,
Attempting to find what you wanted.
Now the gun begins to sink into
The back of my spine, a metal brew
That is sure to silence once for all
The black thoughts within my empty hall;
For you sought me for information,
Threatened on me some decimation
For the hope of discovering why
Men do act as women, men do cry!
Men do with such sultry looks and sighs
Behaved like petty geese that do fly!
Yet I do not know, am I a man
That has done these things? Have I a plan
That can reveal to you how it is
Why men end up in a fussy tiz?
My response doesn't make for a nice
Reaction, you press your gun like ice,
Satisfaction you demand of me,
Lest you should shoot, throw me to the sea!
Then thinking upon the empty halls,
Vaguely remember one of her calls.
From a long ago memory, a ball!
There was dancing, she said I was tall;
A smile comes to mind as I do think
Upon that night of happiness. Wink
Furtively at the man with the gun,
For somehow I had had so much fun
That night it warranted such risk. But
As the man begins to puff his gut,
I remember the tears, awful rut.
I see the gunman pull back his arm,
And then I find to my great alarm
That tears have been flowing down my cheeks!
Of sorrow my pitiful frame reeks
And nothing can keep me from such pain;
All at the thought of her love, her name.
Then all at once the answer is clear,
Why it was that I cried; she was dear.
Yet looking upon your angry brow,
I wonder so, what could happen now?
For if I tell he gunman how
It was his anger was aroused
I believe he will in turn shoot me;
In my answer I will not be free.
But hidden just bellow the surface
I see his great and deadly purpose.
The bullet is never meant for me,
It is meant for him, as I will see.
So taking a grave and dreadful risk
I let his mind mine own gently frisk.
When at last he understands the ring
Of sad circumstance and happening,
The gun to his forehead he doth bring.
For even as women men do share
In the sorrows and pain, they do care
That love was never made fully theirs;
Men regret their cheating love affairs.
So I watch in horror as you think,
This is the end, your life on the brink!
Into the darkness you will now sink;
But the bullet never caused a dink.
For in the moment you pulled that string,
That metal trigger, that crescent ring,
I awoke in sweat and could not sing.
Thus have I with guilty conscious done
What never in waking starlight won;
Admitted wholly my love for her,
And the regret that we never were. 

                                                 Dreams of Regret, (c) Luke Bennette, April 2012

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